Report: Adam Schiff had contact with whistleblower before complaint was filed

With every passing day, we are learning more about the so-called “whistleblower” — and the news is making Dems look worse and worse.

As it turns out, the whistleblower’s biggest mistake was just outed by The New York Times: he broke the law and contacted Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) before filing his complaint.

Who Is the Whistleblower?

Reports are starting to surface with more and more information about the man who turned Trump in for allegedly putting undue pressure on Ukraine to investigate former Vice President Joe Biden and his son, Hunter.

The whistleblower is reported to be a male CIA operative. Initially, it was stated that he did not have any direct knowledge of the phone call, nor had he even seen a transcript.

But that report was recently contradicted, so it’s still unclear just how much knowledge of the phone call the whistleblower had when the report was made.

Breaking the Law

Either way, according to whistleblower laws, such individuals are not supposed to be in contact with any members of Congress until after their complaint is made.

And when House Intelligence Chairman Adam Schiff was asked if he had any contact with the whistleblower in mid-September, Schiff stated he had not.

But The Washington Post reports that that statement, as it turns out, was a complete lie. This week, The New York Times published a piece quoting a Schiff spokesperson as stating the whistleblower had contacted Schiff’s office before making the complaint, looking for guidance.

It is now quite apparent how Schiff knew about the report — which is probably why he was putting so much pressure on the inspector general to make the report public.

There is also some speculation — including from the president himself — that Schiff, someone from his team, or someone Schiff recommended helped write the complaint in hopes of creating the most problems as possible for Trump.

With every passing day, this seems less like a legitimate complaint and more like another partisan attack by an anti-Trumper and/or Democrat. If this were an ordinary citizen, not understanding or knowing the laws regarding whistleblowing would be understandable.

But if Schiff’s hands are dirty on this, it may very well be time for the American people to demand accountability. At the very least, Schiff himself should be forced to resign.

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