Actress sees Sarah Sanders at Disney, says she shouldn’t be allowed there

Yet another Hollywood liberal is on the attack against White House press secretary Sarah Sanders.

After spotting Sanders at Disney World with her family, actress Busy Philipps sent out a tweet suggesting Sanders should not even be allowed into the park.

“Just gave Sarah Huckabee Sanders a very dirty look at DisneyWorld. Just doesn’t seem fair that she gets to enjoy it with her family while families are suffering because of the lies she spreads,” Phillips tweeted.

The Liberal Narrative

Months ago, liberals decided Trump administration members were not entitled to a life at all.

Several Hollywood stars were speaking out on the matter, but it really got out of control after Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) encouraged liberals to start confronting conservatives in public.

Philipps’ tweet is typical of what we are hearing from most Hollywood entertainers these days.

The funny thing is, though, none of them actually have the guts to do something on their own.

They just make statements on social media to get the public riled up, in the hopes someone else will do something.

Does anyone really think Philipps would have approached Sanders if she did not have a security guard with her?

Fake Heroes

Philipps is trying to make herself out to be some type of woke hero, but she is a fraud.

She stated she didn’t want to get kicked out of the park, so all she did was give Sanders a dirty look.

If your cause is that great, isn’t getting kicked out of a park a small price to pay?

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Or, we can take the other side, and wonder how Sanders had to explain to her children why some stranger was giving her a dirty look and made the children feel threatened.

Liberals love talking about the power of words, yet it’s often their own words that are fueling the division in our country right now.

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