Activists invite consumers to complain about TV show mixing nude adults with kids

April 30, 2023
World Net Daily

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

A faith-based organization in the United Kingdom, Christian Concern, is openly inviting members of the public to file complaints about a new television show that mixes nude adults, men, and women, with children.

The show is a spinoff of "Naked Attraction" and is on the U.K.'s Channel 4. It launched its agenda with its programs featuring "naked men and women standing in front of another adult, in order to decide which one they would like to form a relationship with."

Now the channel is involving "children."

The programmers' "Naked Education" now shows "adults exposing themselves and parading in front of children as young as 14…"

"The adults chat with the children about their bodies and especially their sexual organs. With smiling faces, nakedly and unashamedly, these adults are connecting with these children and 'helping' them to feel positive about their own bodies," Christian Concern reported.

While education about the dangers of pornography would be appropriate, the report said, this has, "Hiding in plain sight, is what many believe to be the first stages of the grooming of children. It is a clear move towards the public acceptance of adults being naked with children."

There is a video interview with a spokesman for Christian Concern posted online, but it cannot be embedded in this story because of its objectionable imagery.

The Christian Concern report said, "If a schoolteacher was informed that a child in their class, had been introduced by their parents to adults who exposed their sexual parts to that child, to talk about them and 'educate' them about 'body positivity,' this would undoubtedly be seen as a serious safeguarding issue," it said.

Further, "an adult who inappropriately exposed themselves would be barred from work with children."

The children appearing in the early programming, in their early teens, reacted with "much giggling" and "embarrassment," the report said.

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