Action taken on lawmaker who stole Bibles and hid them

June 14, 2023
World Net Daily

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

A state lawmaker in Arizona formally has been censured by the state House of Representatives for taking Bibles from a House members' lounge and hiding them, under sofa cushions and in a refrigerator.

A plan to expel her from the body entirely was votes short.

report from the Arizona Mirror said the House voted 30-28 to censure Stephania Stahl Hamilton, a Democrat, for her attack on Christianity.

The Tucson politician had been videotaped earlier taking Bibles from the lounge and hiding them underneath sofa cushions. Another she placed in a refrigerator.

A subsequent complaint cited her for theft and disorderly conduct.

The report said the House Ethics Committee concluded she should be punished for disorderly conduct.

She had claimed, when she was caught, her actions were a protest against the lack of separation between church a state.

Democrats defended Hamilton, with Rep. Nancy Gutierrez, D-Tucson, characterizing her as a "volunteer, mother and a Presbyterian minister," the report said.

WND reported when the case developed that the Democrat was targeted with ridicule by her fellow lawmakers.

:"She doesn't 'place bibles,' she steals the Bibles from the House Member's Lobby and hides them around the building," charged Rep. Justin Heap.

Another lawmaker called the situation "weird and disturbing," and Sen. TJ Shope explained, "This is all just really bizarre guys. Like, I'm truly just flabbergasted here."

Pro-Tempore Speaker Travis Grantham explained the video shows someone "who’s got some purpose and some intent, and they know they’re doing something bad…For an ordained minister to do that, again, it’s nonsensical. I have no clarity as to why it happened."

Social media comments included:

"She's an ordained Democrat. That is her religion."

"Dems just can't stop stealing – bibles, elections, our freedoms, our tax dollars, unborn babies' lives, etc, etc, etc."

And "CRIMINAL theft charges need to be filed."

The room is set up for members to retreat to take a telephone call or meet with other members or staff between votes.

When Bibles repeatedly disappeared from the lounge, lawmakers set up a camera, and it caught her in the act.

Lawmakers said the body lacked the votes to expel her.

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