Acting Attorney General Whitaker could be trouble for Mueller

Special Counsel Robert Mueller may soon be under pressure to get his investigation wrapped up.

Acting Attorney General Matt Whitaker is a known critic of Mueller’s Russia investigation and has criticized Mueller for going beyond his scope.

No More Sessions

Earlier this week, former Attorney General Jeff Sessions turned in his resignation at the behest of the White House.

This was not exactly news to those following the situation closely.

We all knew it was going to happen, it was just a matter of time.

What was a surprise was when Whitaker was named as the acting AG instead of Rod Rosenstein.

Typically, the Deputy would assume that role, but Rosenstein is not exactly in President Donald Trump’s good graces either.

Ticking Clock

Long before Whitaker was named acting AG, he had penned an op-ed on CNN ripping the Mueller investigation.

Whitaker was adamant that Mueller had been given far too much rope with his investigation.

He believed certain areas of concern by Mueller has absolutely nothing at all to do with the Russian investigation.

For instance, he specifically noted he was concerned about Mueller suddenly digging into the personal finances of the president and his family.

At one point during his op-ed, he actually said it was teetering on being a “witch hunt” to simply find something, anything about the president.

Trump has already stated he has no intention of firing Mueller.

However, Whitaker may have been named specifically to help get this investigation under control.

Liberals are going nuts because they want Mueller to continue to dig until he finds anything they can use.

After almost two years, Mueller has not been able to find a shred of evidence Trump colluded with the Russians.

That announcement had actually been made months ago.

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So, the question then remains, why is this investigation still going on?

That is more than likely the first question Whitaker will be asking Mueller himself.

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