Ronan Farrow: New Kavanaugh accuser only came forward because Democrats looked

The author of the latest hit piece against Judge Brett Kavanaugh may have accidentally revealed who is really behind the attacks.

While being interviewed on “Good Morning America,” Ronan Farrow, who wrote the New Yorker report about a second woman to accuse Kavanaugh of misconduct, stated the only reason Deborah Ramirez came forward was that “Senate Democrats began looking…”

Who Is Behind the Attacks

The question everyone wants answered is: “Are these allegations true or a smear campaign?”

To fully appreciate what is going on, you need to understand what Kavanaugh has been through to this point, as a Supreme Court nominee.

As someone that has held various public positions, Kavanaugh has been subject to numerous FBI background checks of varying levels.

This is a man that once served in the White House as well as passing muster when nominated for the D.C. Circuit court.

At no time during these six other background checks did anyone say anything concerning about Brett Kavanaugh.

Is it possible that Democrats had no real reason to oppose Kavanaugh other than the fact Trump appointed him — so, unable to stop him any other way, they created a narrative casting Kavanaugh as a sexual predator?

Loose Lips

During his interview with “Good Morning America,” Farrow seems to slip up several times when discussing the story. Watch below:

What is also obvious, is how someone who “partied” in college is being type-cast as a sexual predator.

While several friends of Kavanaugh have stated he was known to toss back more than a few beers, at no time did anyone offer even a hint of him being overly aggressive with women.

Farrow immediately makes this connection, though, as though one has something to do with the other.

Then, we have Deborah Ramirez’ claim, which is the center of his story.

The claim comes from someone that was admittedly drunk.

However, the claim was also made to have happened at a college party, in front of other people, yet there is not a single corroborating witness to her claim.

By the end of Farrow’s interview, it sounded like someone that did not even believe what he himself was saying.

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In one aspect, though, Farrow was dead right.

Democrats wanted this story to happen, so it did, even if there is not a shred of evidence to support it.

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