'Accountability is Coming': Man Sets Fire to Trump Sign TWICE!

August 22, 2023
World Net Daily

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For whatever reason, leftists across America are unable or unwilling to tolerate anything to do with President Donald Trump.

Before and during his first term, people who wore MAGA, Make American Great Again, hats, periodically were assaulted.

Campaign signs were defaced. And just remember the false "Russia collusion" claims by Democrats and the FBI during 2016 and the many, many suspect criminal cases now brought against him by the Joe Biden-supervised Department of Justice.

And now, as the 2024 election is approaching, it's already surging again, this time with a suspect on video setting fire to and burning a Trump yard sign.

Not once, but twice.

And retribution is coming, a lawyer for the homeowner says.

The video:

A report at RedState explains what happened in Raleigh, North Carolina, is far into the "extreme" for people reacting to political signs.

Resident John Kane had a "Trump won" sign displayed prominently in his front yard up until a week ago when an unhinged bicyclist who didn't like the sign decided he was going to set fire to it, the report said.

The "biker" first is on video kicking the sign Aug. 12. Then three days later in the early morning hours, "presumably" the same person lit it and burned it.

"A third clip, seen towards the end of the video, appears to show the same individual back in February committing the same act," the report said.

But retribution is coming, the report said, with Kane's attorney, former Trump HHS Deputy General Counsel James Lawrence, making that promise.

"Regardless of what the Wake County District Attorney’s office does with this video, accountability is coming," Lawrence explained. "@Johnmkane1776, the owner of the burned sign in this video, has retained me to file a lawsuit against this pyro-activist once he is identified."

The report noted the "alleged perp" actually was identified by Internet sleuths who used the Strava bicycle tracking app, where his movements were recorded, and charges are coming.

A civil lawsuit identifies the defendant as James Dennis White Jr.

It charges, "With John, his wife, and his young children sleeping inside, White parked his bicycle and approached the sign. With a lighter in his right hand, White pushed John's American flag out of the way, looking toward John's front door to make sure the coast was clear. Then, crouching down, White pulled the lighter's trigger and pressed the fiery device against the left-hand corner of John's sign, applying the fame for nearly ten seconds until the sign caught fire.

"White promptly fled the scene, escaping into the darkness, not bothering to wait to see if the wooded area mere steps away would also catch fire, something which would have put John's home and others at risk."

"This was no high school prank. Upon information and belief, White is sixty years old. White’s political views obviously differ from John’s. In a democracy, the appropriate response is to air and debate those differences in an atmosphere of mutual respect. White could have respectfully engaged with John in any number of ways. Unfortunately, in a pre-meditated fashion, White chose to literally start a fire on John’s property and destroy his political adversary’s property— not once, but twice. President Biden was right when he said in November 2022 that there is no place for this kind of conduct in America. The same holds true in Raleigh," the civil complaint charges.

"White’s actions damaged John and his young family. White did not just burn a sign —he destroyed a symbol. He burned John’s property and simply rode off, content to allow the sign and anything else near it to burn."

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