Abortion radicals attack pro-abortion governor for not being pro-abortion enough!

August 23, 2023
World Net Daily

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Pro-abortion radicals now are attacking an ardently pro-abortion governor for not being pro-abortion enough.

The odd conflict has developed in the state of Colorado, which is so pro-abortion its lawmakers declared the unborn have absolutely no legal protection or rights ever, after the governor, the committed pro-abortion Jared Polis, in an interview claimed, "Democrats don’t believe abortion is good. We believe it’s bad. It should be minimized. How do you prevent unwanted pregnancies — to make sure people are empowered with the information they need."

The attacks were immediately and vicious, and documented by columnist Jon Caldara, the president of the Independence Institute, at Complete Colorado.

He likens the situation to the "Bizarro World" comic books by DC Comics that date to the 1960s.

"Yes, Superman lived there, but he was evil. Aquaman couldn’t swim. People said goodnight in the morning. You get the idea," he explained.

He described Polis' comments as "Perfectly. Sane. Statement."

It was the "mouthpiece at the progressive hit squad New Era Colorado," Natasha Berwick, who said, "We believe abortion is safe and good."

To which Caldara responded, "Safe and good? Like mildly strenuous exercise and a high-fiber diet? All medical procedures are, by definition, not safer than no medical procedure. Period. End of discussion."

Then there was, Caldara reported, state Rep. Brianna Titone, who said, "He’s a man talking about abortion and has a hard time, like men do, talking about abortion."

Except, Caldara pointed out, Brianna is "biologically a man."

"Brianna, as Colorado’s first elected transgender legislator, you will never ever — and I mean ever — personally face an unwanted pregnancy. So absolutely, beat up Polis for talking about abortion since he, like you, can never have one," Caldara said.

Even Polis' own office had to try to fix him, issuing a statement that he's "staunchly pro-choice."

"Our governor isn’t pro-choice. He is pro-abortion. What’s the difference? Well, not having a choice — that’s the difference," Caldara wrote, explaining Polis has just signed a bill outlawing the abortion reversal treatment that has proven successful around the world.

"There is a two-dose pharmaceutical treatment to terminate a pregnancy over a couple of days. A biological woman takes the first pill but if she chooses to reverse the procedure (notice that 'choice' word) she can take a reversal pill before taking this second abortion pill in hopes of canceling the abortion," he said.

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