Abortion failing among population that counts: Women

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

This week, the Biden administration decided to commemorate the “50 years since Roe v. Wade,” the fatally flawed pro-abortion ruling from 1973 that was overturned by the current precedent in Dobbs which allows states to restrict abortion.

What followed, as released by the Biden White House, was some 4,500 words promoting abortion.

A “senior administration official” lamented that now more than 26 million women in the U.S. live “in a state that has banned abortion.”

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, the briefing confirmed, “stand with the vast majority of Americans who believe that the right to choose is fundamental.”

However, a new report from the Washington Stand reveals that among the population, and especially the population that counts, women, abortion is a losing cause.

The report explained that according to a Marist poll, released just before the yearly March for Life events, 69% of Americans would support ending all abortions no later than the first trimester.

That includes 72% of women and, at 49%, nearly half of Democrats.

“The poll found 44% of people want increased abortion restrictions, including not allowing abortion at all (8%), allowing abortion only to save the life of the mother (10%), or in the case of rape or incest (26%). Only one in five voters believe abortion should be available at any point in pregnancy, without restriction,” The Stand reported.

The actual results of what Americans want “shows a strong pro-life majority more in line with recent Republican pro-life legislation than the Democratic Party platform, which calls for taxpayer-funded abortion until birth.”

The Stand noted the poll also revealed 78% of Americans oppose forcing taxpayers to fund abortion overseas. 60% oppose forcing taxpayers to fund abortion in the United States, 94% reject sex-selective abortions, 77% say people with religious objections should not be legally required to carry out abortions and 55% say employers with religious objections should not be forced to pay for abortion coverage in their employees’ insurance.

Stunningly, and in flagrant opposition to the Biden administration’s agenda of attacking pro-lifers and essentially ignoring violence against pro-life pregnancy centers, 91% of Americans, including 88% of Democrats, support the work of those centers.

“Life is winning in the Dobbs era. The American people overwhelmingly reject the extreme abortion lobby-Democratic Party agenda of abortion on demand until birth, paid for by taxpayers,” SBA Pro-Life America President Marjorie Dannenfelser told The Stand.

“The pro-life movement will fight for the strongest protections possible, in legislatures across the land and in our nation’s capital. We will continue to grow the pro-life safety net, which includes nearly 3,000 pregnancy centers and maternity homes nationwide. We will hold elected leaders and candidates to a high standard, urging them to cast a clear and ambitious pro-life vision and to go on offense.”

The background briefing this week from the Biden administration affirmed its allegiance to fighting “anti-choice,” or pro-life laws.

Their goal is “access to abortion for all women in every state.”

Biden even has assembled a “President’s Interagency Task Force on Reproductive Healthcare Access” to promote abortion across the country and around the globe.

“This includes protecting access to emergency medical care, including abortion, in states where reproductive healthcare is under attack; safeguarding access to Plan B and other emergency contraceptive care; and making science-based decisions to support access to medication abortion.”

Among Biden’s promotions of abortion has been his order that VA hospitals provide abortion, regardless of what the state law allows where they are located, and to push over-the-counter drugs that cause abortion, despite their known dangers.

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