Abortion debate polarizes the entire country

Brit Hume recently weighed in on the re-energized abortion debate in our country.

While Hume stated that he believes the pro-choice side will eventually win, he also confessed that the Alabama abortion bill is probably too radical to win the fight right now.

Polarizing the Nation

The pro-choice/pro-life debate has always active here in the United States. The debate gained some new life when Brett Kavanaugh was nominated for the Supreme Court.

Most liberals thought that with Kavanaugh being nominated, Roe v. Wade could possibly be overturned. Kavanaugh, however, had never given an inclination that he is willing to shred that precedent.

New legislation in Alabama, as well as several other states, has taken this debate to a whole new level.

In Alabama, however, the governor officially signed the legislation, making it a felony in most cases to perform an abortion.

Every pro-choice advocate, from Hollywood stars to Jane Doe is now up in arms, knowing this will eventually wind up on the Supreme Court, possibly threatening Roe v. Wade.

Pro-Life Will Win

Senior Fox News political analyst Brit Hume called this debate the “most enduring moral and political issue of our time.” He continued, “I think in the long run, the pro-life side will win.”

Hume believes a judge along the way will “strike down” the new Alabama legislation. He also believes the legislation is so extreme, the Supreme Court will not even agree to hear the case.

This is very important because the first piece of legislation that actually makes it to the Supreme Court will be the real challenge to Roe v. Wade.

Conservative Justices that would possibly like to overturn Roe v. Wade are not going to allow any extreme legislation to even make it that far, for fear that the decision might go the wrong way.

Eventually, we will probably end up having stricter federal laws against abortion, but it will more than likely have to have multiple exceptions for health as well as rape cases.

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