Former Clinton aide outs Abedin’s involvement in email server scandal: Report

Judicial Watch released testimony on Thursday from former Bill Clinton aide Justin Cooper that contradicts Hillary Clinton aide Huma Abedin’s testimony about her own involvement in setting up a private email server for the former secretary of State.

The testimony was from a March deposition of Cooper obtained by Judicial Watch as part of a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit. In the suit, Cooper testified that he and Abedin worked together to set up the private email server,

Cooper said he registered the domain name for the private server and set it up at Abedin’s request. His testimony contradicts 2016 testimony from Abedin that she first heard about the server “reading in some news articles about a year, a year-and-a-half ago, when it was — it was being publicly discussed.”

Cooper said he did not recall when he was asked if Hillary Clinton was directly involved in the server’s creation in 2008. He also testified that there were actually two servers — the first from Apple, and a later one from Windows called the “Pagliano” server, named after Clinton’s aide Bryan Pagliano, a Clinton IT specialist who pleaded the fifth repeatedly in his own deposition.

How deep does it go?

Cooper said he did not know if the Apple server was wiped when the Windows/Pagliano server was created in early 2009. When asked how many email addressed he created for Hillary Clinton, Cooper said it had been two or three. He also created email accounts for Abedin and Chelsea Clinton.

He admitted that he had spoken with another witness being deposed at the same time: Clinton’s former chief of staff Cheryl Mills, who told her that her deposition was scheduled. Mills and Abedin were previously granted immunity, but immunity deals will be voided if they are proven to have lied under oath.

Judge Lamberth criticized the Justice Department last year for giving Mills immunity and allowing her to accompany Hillary Clinton to her FBI interview.

Cooper also said in his testimony that Clinton Foundation executive and advisor Doug Band was involved in discussions about the email server and said it was a bad idea for Clinton. Cooper had no security clearance when he helped set up the server.

Conflicts of interest

Cooper admitted that the Clintons had paid for some of his previous legal bills and would likely be reimbursing him for these additional ones. He is one of 13 officials subpoenaed to testify in depositions by Judicial Watch.

It is amazing that Judicial Watch and other legal organizations have gotten anything close to the truth under these entangled circumstances. The more depositions Judicial Watch releases, however, the clearer it becomes that Hillary Clinton clearly had an illegal email server created with the help of some very close aides, like Abedin.

It is also clear from this testimony that Abedin and others lied under oath about their knowledge of the email server and involvement with it. Still others covered up information and didn’t document interviews as they were required to do.

What isn’t clear is when the Justice Department is going to hold Hillary Clinton — or anyone else — accountable for breaking the law and putting classified documents at risk of exposure.

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