ABC Entertainment president who fired Roseanne Barr steps down

The woman who decided Roseanne Barr’s career was over has just stepped down from ABC.

Channing Dungey, who was serving as ABC Entertainment’s president, resigned on Friday.

Bad Decisions

Dungey had a knee-jerk reaction to a tweet that was perceived as racist by Roseanne Barr.

Rather than take a breath, Barr was let go by the network and her self-titled show canceled.

After realizing how her tweet was perceived, Barr immediately apologized for her words.

In most cases, that would have resulted in some type of suspension or a formal rebuke.

In this case, however, Roseanne was scrapped and the network completely disassociated itself with Barr.


While Dungey more than likely expected to be applauded for her decision, that was not the case.

Conservatives, while not making excuses for Barr, felt that she was dealt with a little harshly.

Several liberal stars have said and done things far worse than Barr, yet were able to keep their careers intact.

And when the network announced it would be running a spin-off of Roseanne without Barr, conservatives were outraged.

At one point, network executives actually conceded they may have acted far too quickly when it came to dealing with Barr and her tweets.

While the new show did okay in the ratings, it was a far cry from the debut of Roseanne.

The debut of the new show barely cracked the weekly average of Roseanne, leading many to believe the shelf-life of the new show will not be very long.

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While the network is dressing up Dungey’s departure as normal business, we can all see the writing on the wall.

Rather than embarrass Dungey, however, the network is allowing her to fall from grace with some dignity, far more than they ever did for Ms. Barr.

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