ABC News Director says Trump is more accessible than Obama and Bush

Most of the media would have you believe Trump is refusing to talk to them.

However, ABC News Director Rick Klein tells a different story, saying President Trump “is above and beyond, far and away more accessible” than his predecessors.

Press Conferences

Presidents do not typically hold a lot of press conferences while in office unless a major event happens.

Even then, the presser is generally controlled by the press secretary.

We have all heard the stories about Obama having softballs tossed at him, so he would not look bad in front of the camera.

Trump has pushed the “traditional” press conference aside in lieu of giving the press almost daily access after meetings.

In addition, Trump likes to keep the people of this country informed about daily happenings via Twitter.

The press does not like that because he has circumvented them and gone right to the people.

Why Use the Press?

Trump has been adamant that he does not trust the Press to tell the story truthfully.

That being the case, he chooses to go direct with the use of Twitter and other social media platforms.

He has literally changed the way elected officials communicate with the public.

The press is just ticked off that he has basically made them irrelevant at this point.

Klein discusses this very subject, stating, “In every way that I can think about, he’s changed the way that a president communicates: the way a president articulates positions, the way the president communicates with world leaders as well as the public.”

Having said all that, Klein also took the opportunity to take a shot at the President.

He stated, “That doesn’t mean that he’s actually answering the questions honestly or forthrightly or all of the important questions.”

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That comment would lead us to believe Klein thinks Obama always answered questions honestly and never skipped out on a question the press wanted answered.

It also explains why Trump does not trust the press.

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