Abby Huntsman resigns to take job on ‘The View’

Is The View finally getting the message?

According to new reports, Fox host Abby Huntsman is leaving Fox News to join the panel of The View.

Huntsman currently works the weekend edition of Fox & Friends.

Second Conservative

The departure of Sara Haines from The View panel to become a co-host on Good Morning America left a seat open on ABC’s daytime talkshow.

Most everyone thought Haines’ replacement would be another liberal.

So when The View execs reached out to Huntsman to fill the seat, jaws dropped all over the country.

The liberal-oriented show will now have two full-blown conservatives on the show.

The other conservative voice is Meghan McCain.

But while she is a conservative, she is not exactly a friend to President Donald Trump.

Her ties with former Vice President Joe Biden have also led to some conservatives questioning her loyalty to the cause.

More Moderate

During her time on The View, McCain has takenquiet approach to politics.

Rather than battle with her counterparts on the show, she often sits by idly, not willing to confront the likes of Joy Behar and Whoopi Goldberg.

It will be very interesting to see if that changes with Huntsman now on the panel with McCain.

Early on, we saw McCain come under fire from both Behar and Goldberg any time she had a dissenting opinion.

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That surely has something to do with how often she has allowed them to go unchallenged in their comments.

While we do not expect Huntsman to elicit the response Judge Jeanine got when making a guest appearance, she should at least inspire more spirited conversations.

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