Texas Gov. Abbott reveals plan to secure vulnerable sections of US-Mexico border

President Joe Biden has received significant criticism for his immigration policies since taking office, particularly amid an ongoing crisis along the U.S.-Mexico border.

Now, Republican Texas Gov. Greg Abbott is declaring that his state is ready to step up and fill in the gaps created by the Biden administration.

“Out of control”

According to Breitbart, part of the Texas plan includes constructing barriers along unsecured stretches of the border. Abbott rolled out a comprehensive border security program on Thursday during a summit in Del Rio attended by law enforcement personnel.

“The influx across the border is out of control, and the Biden administration has shown that it is not going to step up and do its job,” he said in an interview prior to the summit.

He went on to note that projections show a continued increase in the number of illegal border crossings, meaning it is time “to step up and do more.”

The Del Rio sector of the border is currently one of the hardest-hit regions, he said, describing drug cartel trafficking and human smuggling routes that shifted after other areas were secured under former President Donald Trump.

“They’re seeing a lot of very bad dangerous people come across the border,” Abbott said of local residents. “People that they are afraid of encountering, people who are causing damage to their fences, their livestock, their crops, their neighborhoods, and their homes.”

“This exploding crisis”

These individuals, the governor asserted, “need help from the state to help them address this exploding crisis.”

Abbott went on to explain how his message fundamentally differs from the rhetoric employed by White House officials.

“If you come to Texas, you’re subject to being arrested,” he said. “You’re not going to have a pathway to roam the country. You’re going to have a pathway directly into a jail cell. We want to be very aggressive in working with local officials and being making mass arrests. In working in collaboration with a large number of counties, that means we’re going to be arresting a lot more people.”

As for barriers on the border, Abbott revealed that he has set aside $1 billion to fund the project and promised to provide more details about his plans in the near future.

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