American Bar Association ends review of Brett Kavanaugh

Democrats have gotten more bad news in the Brett Kavanaugh saga.

The America Bar Association (ABA) has dropped its review of Kavanaugh, who recently took his seat on the Supreme Court after a contentious series of confirmation hearings.

Now that the review is officially over, Kavanaugh’s ABA rating will remain at “well-qualified.”

It’s Over

There is little argument that Kavanaugh’s confirmation was one of the most challenging feats the Trump administration has accomplished.

Prior to the allegations made by Christine Blasey Ford that Kavanaugh sexually assaulted her while they were in high school, the ABA had given the judge a “well-qualified” rating.

However, once the allegations were made, the ABA held back its rating so it could review the new information about Kavanaugh.

Democrats were using this piece of information to their advantage, calling for a full investigation on the back of the ABA announcement.

Eventually, Republicans caved and gave the Democrats exactly what they wanted: they held an auxiliary investigation into Kavanaugh based on the new allegations.

But it came back to bite the Dems in a big way.

Not only did the FBI come back with nothing, but the ABA also ended its review of Kavanaugh.

Time to Move Forward

Initially, many people thought there would be significant rioting and protests against Kavanaugh.

Apparently, though, most Americans simply let it go.

While there were some fringe protestors, the numbers were almost non-existent and amazingly, there was little-to-no rioting over his confirmation.

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Democrats have vowed to re-open this issue if they win a majority in Congress, but it seems as though most Americans have already put it behind them and want to move forward.

That attitude by the Democrats, however, may end up being their undoing come November.

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