A trio of Democratic senators reportedly admitted that Biden has no chance of winning against Trump in November

 July 10, 2024

Three Democrats uttered the previously unthinkable truth that former President Donald Trump will likely beat President Joe Biden in November, Breitbart reported. This comes as Biden's candidacy continues to crumble following his disastrous debate performance last month. 

CNN news anchor Dana Bash shared the information in a post to X, formerly Twitter, on Tuesday. According to her, Democrat Sens. Michael Bennett of Colorado, Jon Tester of Montana, and Sherrod Brown of Ohio voiced their concern.

"I am told that Senators Michael Bennett, Sherrod Brown and Jon Tester told colleagues in today’s Democratic caucus lunch that they do not believe that President Biden can win the election," Bash wrote Tuesday. If this is true, it means Democrats are finally saying the quiet part out loud.

It's Undeniable

In a follow-up to Bash's assertion, Punchbowl news reporter Andrew Desiderio clarified that Tester and Bennett would neither confirm nor deny the statements but added further context through another source. "What was said in the room is a bit more nuanced, I’m told," Desiderio said in a thread on X.

"Per two sources — one in room & one familiar w/ comments — Tester and Brown expressed their view that Biden is in big trouble, while Bennet was talking in the context of the messaging war over the economy." However, a statement from Tester through his spokesperson gave a sense of the senator's doubts.

"President Biden’s bad debate performance raised serious questions about whether he’s up the job for the next four years. As I have said, he needs to prove to the American people, and me, that he can do it," the statement said.

Tester, in particular, has reason to be worried. The senator's reelection bid is in jeopardy as he is tied in the polls against his GOP opponent in a state that still continues to trend toward Trump.

The bigger picture is just as bleak for Biden following his debate performance, which revealed a muddled and tired Biden. For instance, in the battleground state of Wisconsin, a recent poll following the debate shows Trump beating the president by a whopping six percentage points.

Biden's Tailspin

It's difficult to imagine how Biden will pull himself out of this tailspin following the debate. However, Democrats are reluctant to pull the plug on their incumbent as they desperately try to explain why Democrats afraid of losing their reelection should stand by their man.

One of the apologists for Biden, MSNBC's Joy Reid, called out those politicians worried about Biden bringing them down. She excoriated "rich, White elected Democrats" who are calling on Biden to step down from the race, Fox News reported.

"Please, please privileged, rich, White elected Democrats, you just keep publicly defenestrating your party leader and president to feed the media thirst for 'Democrats in disarray' stories," Reid said. "I mean, you're the most important thing here, right?" she went on.

"You and your donors, of course. Not the actual voters in your party base who can't afford to see prices double on everything they buy due to Trump's China tariffs," the Reid Out host said, ignoring the fact that Biden actually oversaw record inflation while Trump did not.

Some are still trying to circle the wagons around Biden, but it's undeniable that he's got to go. Bennett, Brown, and Tester simply said what many in the Democratic Party are quietly coming to realize all on their own.

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