A scowling Obama is caught on camera at his Hawaii mansion

Former President Barack Obama was in Hawaii recently visiting his new mansion for the very first time. But, he didn’t seem too happy.

The Daily Mail reported that Obama was caught on camera looking perturbed. 

The beachfront mansion is located in Waimanalo, Hawaii, with the Ko’olau mountains as the backdrop and crystal clear waters in the foreground. It was purchased in 2015 for $8.7 million by Obama’s friend Marty Nesbitt.

At the moment, three homes are being erected on the three-acre property, including a security fence. That’s right: Democrats like Obama might be against fences at the southern border, but they are not against fences around their own homes.

The photos

The Daily Mail has published a series of photos of Obama speaking with developers and other workers at the Hawaii property. It does not seem to have been a pleasant talk.

Obama can be seen in the photos wearing khaki pants and a blue polo shirt. Although those whom he was speaking with wore facemasks, he did not.

In one photo, Obama can be seen with his arms folded and with, as the Daily Mail put it, a “scowl” on his face. In the photo, it appears that he is looking straight at the camera.

Other photos, however, made it clear that it wasn’t just the paparazzi that Obama was upset with.

In one photo, for example, Obama can be seen speaking with developers, and it is apparent that the conversation was tense. In another photo, Obama can be seen lifting one of his hands from the folded position with an obvious look of annoyance on his face.

The issue?

We have no idea what Obama was upset about. But, one of the controversial parts of the property is a hundred-year-old sea wall.

Reports indicate that the wall is expected to remain despite Hawaii policies that would have it come down to preserve the state’s natural coastline. A loophole allowed the sellers of the property to bypass the law by obtaining an easement on the wall. Now, Obama’s developers are looking to expand the wall, and the neighbors are not happy about it.

The 60-year-old Obama is looking to retire to this property one day. But, based on the photos, things are still not up to Obama’s standards yet.

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