A Foreign Politician Believes Joe Biden Will Not Be the 2024 Democratic Nominee, and a Familiar Name Will Emerge: Report

August 15, 2023
Charlotte Tyler

An article in The Telegraph for the UK delves into a speculative narrative surrounding the potential replacement of Joe Biden as the Democratic nominee for the 2024 presidential election. A confidential source discloses a conversation with a foreign politician, revealing a surprising assertion: the foreign government assumes that Joe Biden will step down before the commencement of the primaries.

This unexpected turn of events would create a void that, as per the source's account, would be too late for a grassroots contender to fill. Instead, a figure from the establishment would ascend to the nomination, with the enigmatic name of Michelle Obama surfacing as the favored successor.

The scenario, while tantalizingly speculative, resonates with insights from UK sources, indicating that while dealing with the Biden administration, foreign governments often perceive him as the face of the leadership, rather than its active orchestrator.

The suggestion of a potential Biden withdrawal finds traction in the backdrop of various concerns. The presidential race is currently neck and neck, which breeds discomfort; Biden's popularity is waning; and his age is visibly catching up with him, recently highlighted by his miscall of the Grand Canyon's origins.

Application to Biden

The credibility of Biden's capacities is cast into further uncertainty when considering the alternative of his possible absence. This alternative is personified in Kamala Harris, whose public demeanor and statements have drawn criticism for their perceived simplicity. Her recent comment about "community banks being in the community" serves as a point of ridicule, raising doubts about her competence.

The article proposes an intriguing solution to avert an undesirable rematch between Biden and Trump, which few seem to relish. Instead, a novel approach is presented: compel one of them to retire or exit the race.

The presumption is that Trump, due to his legal entanglements, is an improbable candidate for voluntary withdrawal. Hence, persuading Biden, the incumbent president, to step aside is a logical option. Alternatively, the Democratic Party might discreetly orchestrate his removal without his direct awareness.

Practical implementation of such a plan, however, presents formidable challenges, as the author pointed out. The intricate framework of primary filing deadlines and the uncertain terrain of Democratic convention rules compound the complexity. Would Biden be amenable to such a suggestion?

Has he ever been a proponent of an independent agenda? The prospective substitution with Michelle Obama raises intriguing questions about the nature of his presidency and his role in shaping policy.

Possible Transition

According to some, the idea of a seamless transition from Biden to Michelle Obama gains traction from previous observations. Former President Barack Obama's endorsement of Biden as essentially "finishing the job" he initiated forms a persuasive narrative thread.

The continuity in personnel between the Obama and Biden administrations, with approximately 75 percent of Obama aides now working under Biden, further supports this notion.

The article delves into the foreign policy domain, suggesting that Obama's influence might extend beyond the surface. A parallel is drawn to "turtles all the way down," implying a concealed layer of decision-making that connects the Biden era with Obama's legacy.

This notion is encapsulated in the assertion that "personnel is policy," indicating that policies are deeply intertwined with the individuals who shape and execute them.

The article spins a scenario that, while speculative, offers an intriguing perspective on the potential trajectory of the 2024 presidential election. The potential replacement of Biden with Michelle Obama, amid concerns about his viability as a candidate, raises questions about the interplay of power, policy, and political continuity. While still just a theory, such musings underscore the dynamic nature of American politics and the intricacies of presidential transitions.

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