9 students killed in attack on middle school

Yes, there was another school attack, only this time nobody knew about.

Why? Because it happened in China and because the attack was carried out with a knife.

The Attack

On Friday, a former student at a Chinese middle school decided to get some payback for students bullying him while he was attending the school.

The suspect, only identified as Zhoa, was 28 years old, so it apparent he has been harboring this hatred for quite some time.

The man stood outside the school and waited for students to be dismissed.

As they left the school, he began stabbing students as they approached him.

By the time his attack had concluded, nine students were dead and at least 10 more had been wounded.

Nobody Knew About It

The carnage at the scene would normally have warranted nationwide coverage, but it barely made a blip on the radar.

The problem for the liberal media is the attack did not involve a firearm.

That being the case, it did not serve to push any liberal narrative, so why bother to tell anyone about it?

Liberals have done this far too many times with different attacks not involving a gun.

We have seen people killed with both knives and vehicles, and they disappear from headlines quicker than the actual attacks took to carry out.

Evil Always Finds a Way

When someone wants to carry out an act of terrorism or hate, they will find a way.

Attacks like this are proof positive of that.

You can outlaw all the guns you want, but someone determined to due harm to others will still find a way to get them.

Unless you can gather every gun in existence and destroy them, there is no hope of getting weapons out of the hands of terrorists.

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And, even if you could, they would make a bomb, use a knife, or turn their vehicle into a weapon.

You see, the only people that banning firearms are the good guys that will no longer be able to defend themselves against maniacs like the one who carried out this attack in China.

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