84-year-old Chinese professor disappears during radio interview with Voice of America

The entire world was brutally reminded of what true tyranny is this week.

On Wednesday, while doing an interview with Voice of America, Wenguang Sun, a vocal opponent the Chinese government, was dragged out of his home by Chinese police.

Take a look:

Brutal Reminder

President Xi has done his best to put on a nice face for the American people when visiting with President Donald Trump.

But his underhandedness was very apparent during his obvious manipulation of Kim Jong Un in the days leading up to a summit with President Trump.

Similarly, the people of China are subject to conditions that are reprehensible.

They simply cannot have a voice of their own.

When they do try to voice a dissenting opinion, they are severely punished.

In this case, a man known to have a dissenting opinion was monitored, and when he spoke against the government, his freedom was immediately taken away.

That lesson was not lost on former presidential candidate and current Florida Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL):

Lessons Learned

As liberals continue the ridiculous rhetoric that Trump is a fascist and the United States in the midst of tyrannic rule, they need to be reminded how good they actually have it.

Trump has never done anything oppressive against the citizens of the United States.

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They are confusing Trump trying to protect our borders with tyranny.

And Democrats, sadly, are buying into this narrative, adding fuel to a fire that should not even be burning.

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