At least 8 wounded in San Bernardino apartment complex shooting

San Bernardino turned into Chicago for a night.

On Sunday night, a horrific shooting took place in the Southern California town, wounding at least eight people, two of whom were in”extremely critical” condition.

 Chaotic Scene

The incident happened at an apartment complex in San Bernardino. One of the critically injured victims was a 17-year-old boy who was shot in the head.

The violence is believed to have originated over a dice game.

According to local police, the shooter(s) fled the scene and were being sought by police.

However, police were able to recover a cache of weapons at the scene and said that evidence suggested that “multiple firearms were used.”

Capt. Richard Lawhead of the San Bernardino PD stated, “It was a chaotic scene.”

“Right now, nobody is cooperating and providing us with the information we need to help us locate a suspect or what led to the shooting or anything else,” he told Reuters.

In 2015, San Bernardino made headlines after a mass shooting in which a couple, inspired by Islamic terrorists, killed 14 and injured 22 others.

There is no connection between the two incidents, police say.

The Violence Continues

Liberal states in this country continue to see unprecedented violence.

The top five cities for murder per capita in this country all have Democrat mayors.

We also continue to see elevated violence in states with the strictest of gun laws.

It stresses a point conservatives have been making for years and liberals refuse to acknowledge — when evil wants to find a way to kill, nothing will stop it.

People today value life so little they are willing to “end” someone over a few dollars.

During the Christmas season, a teenager was killed over some jeans!

We see violence promoted on an everyday basis by groups such as BLM and Antifa. And Planned Parenthood, the darling of the left, daily undermines the sanctity of life by promoting and committing violence against the unborn.

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Sadly, Democrats refuse to call out these groups and they actually celebrate them!

This makes voting in the mid-term elections even more important, otherwise, Democrats could win a majority.

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