74-year-old former teacher is facing 600 years behind bars, see why here

August 7, 2023
Robert Ayers

A 74-year-old female teacher is now facing 600 years of imprisonment for sexually assaulting a student. 

The former teacher, according to Fox News, is Anne. N. Nelson-Koch. She formerly taught at a private school in Tomah, Wisconsin.

Nelson-Koch is reported to have been 67 years old at the time she carried out the sexual assaults.

At the time, the boy was only 14 years old.

What we know about the crimes:

The following information comes from the Wisconsin State Journal, which has covered this case in detail.

The sexual assaults were found to have been committed at the private school in Tomah during the 2016-2017 school year.

They were reportedly carried out by Nelson-Koch in the basement of the private school.

It is unclear what exactly Nelson-Koch did to the boy. It is also unclear how many times she assaulted him. But, you can get some idea from the charges.

Nelson-Koch was charged with  12 counts of second-degree sexual assault of a child, four counts of child enticement sexual conduct, eight counts of exposing intimate parts to a child, and a count of intimidating a victim.

"An incredibly brave young man"

Nelson-Koch's trial lasted three days. After both sides presented their cases, it took the jury only five hours of deliberation to decide that Nelson-Koch is guilty: Nelson-Koch was charged with 25 crimes and the jury found her guilty of 25 crimes.

Assistant District Attorney Sarah, M. Skiles, following the guilty verdict, released a statement, saying:

The victim of these crimes is an incredibly brave young man. He spoke the truth, and the jury heard him loud and clear. We are so grateful to the jury for their dedication to finding the truth.

Now that Nelson-Koch has been convicted, the next step in the legal process is sentencing. According to Monroe County District Attorney Kevin Croninger, Nelson-Koch faces up to 600 years behind bars. An aggravating factor here has to be the fact that Nelson-Koch was a teacher and, as such, trust was put into her by parents and school officials to protect her students, which she failed to do.

Nelson-Koch is currently scheduled to be sentenced on Oct. 27, 2023. In the meantime - despite the conviction - she will not be sitting in jail.

Reports indicate that Skiles did ask the judge - Judge Richard Radcliffe - to revoke Nelson-Koch's bail and to remand her into custody. But, Judge Radcliffe, instead, decided to release Nelson-Koch with an ankle monitor. It is unclear what other conditions, if any, were put on her release.

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