71 drug abusers collapse in Connecticut park – in one day alone

First responders were overwhelmed on Tuesday night as an epidemic broke out at a local Connecticut park.

More than 70 people collapsed due to what authorities believe was a tainted batch of synthetic marijuana.


“People are self-medicating for several different reasons…,” stated local Fire Chief John Alston.

How they are choosing to do this is with drugs they buy on the street.

In this case, it is a drug identified as K2, which is a synthetic marijuana laced with several other drugs.

As we saw here, it has some horrific side effects.

Authorities stated the concoction can cause psychosis, seizures, and in the most severe cases, death.

Local police warned citizens, “Do not come down to the Green and purchase this K2.”


Witnesses described something that sounded like a horror movie.

One witness stated, “We have a guy laid out in the alleyway, unresponsive, eyes wide open. He’s out cold.”

An emergency responder stated by the time they took care of one person, another would fall down and have a seizure.

That scenario continued to play out time and time again.

The area where the drugs were being sold is known as a haven for both homeless and drug users.

Connecticut has proven to be one of the states hardest hit with drug overdose deaths in recent years.

As a matter of fact, earlier this year, the very same park saw more than a dozen people overdose in it.

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Local Democrat Alderman Richard Furlow stated, “Well, this is terrifying; it’s terrifying, but this is not exclusive to New Haven.”

Police believe they have one of the people responsible for selling the tainted batch in custody already.

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