70 reported dead in latest Syrian clash

The violence in Syria continues to claim lives on both sides of the battlefield.

On Saturday, another attack reportedly took place — and a total of 70 combatants were reportedly killed.

Both Sides Lose

The deaths in this battle were evenly dispensed. Pro-government forces lost 32 combatants, while jihadist forces lost a total of 38 combatants.

The latest battle took place due to an effort by the government regime to push toward Hbeit.

This clash came after several days of aggressive movement by forces loyal to Damascus. The immediate goal was to capture Kafr Zita and Al-Latammeh.

Both are just outside of Idlib, which is one of the last areas still controlled by opposition forces.

After eight years of civil war, President Bashar al-Assad seems to be close to pushing these forces out and gaining control of the area.

No Cease-Fire

This fighting came just as Syrian leadership accused the opposition of violating a cease-fire.

After only three days, fighting has resumed. This particular area has come under considerable fire from both Damascus as well as Russia, its main ally in this push.

During the bombings, significant civilian life has also been lost, causing outrage around the world.

Since April alone, there have been more than a reported 800 civilians killed during the conflict. Over the last eight years, it is estimated that more than 370,000 people have lost their lives.

Additionally, more than 400,000 people have lost their homes, as they have fled from the violence.

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