At least 65 dead after terror attack in Nigeria

Christians in Nigeria have been under attack for years by ISIS-linked groups.

Another unforgivable attack was perpetrated when suspected terrorists opened fire on a group of Nigerian Christians leaving a funeral service.

Two Waves of Attacks

According to reports, locals were leaving a funeral service when chaos ensued.

Shots started to ring out, with almost two dozen people believed to have been killed in the initial assault.

The villagers then tried to defend themselves but attempts were mostly unsuccessful.

Another rainstorm of bullets was unleashed, leaving almost four more dozen people dead. When the shooting stopped, 65 people were dead on the scene.

At least another dozen were wounded in the attacks. Of those, eight are in critical condition. So far, nobody has claimed credit for the attack, but there are several known-terrorist groups operating in the area.

Most believe the Sunni Islamic terror group Boko Haram conducted the attack.

Seeking Justice

The attacks were immediately condemned by Nigerian leadership.

President Muhammadu Buhari stated that he ordered his army to hunt down the terrorists to bring them to justice.

For now, though, the villagers can do nothing more than bury their dead.

As President Trump stated, it seems as though no matter how much work we do to rid the world of these animals, terrorist cells continue to pop up and inflict damage on innocents.

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