60 shot, 8 killed in Chicago as media ignores – and mayor’s plan to stop violence fails

The purge continues in Chicago.

While Chicago had a small respite (if you call 30+ shootings over the weekend a respite), the violence picked right back up, leaving 60 shot and eight dead last week.

Violent Wave

As happens in most big cities, summer brings more violence along with warm weather.

More people are out of their homes, in the parks and on the streets — and conflicts are bound to happen.

In Chicago, though, the “normal” uptick in violence is more like a tsunami.

August is only halfway over and there have already been more than 130 shootings in Chicago.

Mayor’s Plea

Watching Rahm Emmanuel make his statements would be comical if the situation was not so dire.

Rather than calling it what it is, Emmanuel said the shootings are due to a “shortage of values.”

This comes only weeks after the Mayor vowed to put a plan in action to stop the violence in his city.

Are we to believe these crimes have nothing to do with liberal policies and the fact the city is a sanctuary city?

More Police

The Mayor announced more police were going to be dispatched into the high crime areas to try to help prevent this wave of shootings in the city.

This, of course, means Rahm will be loading up the streets of minority neighborhoods with police officers, as this is where most of the shootings are occurring.

We cannot help but ask, though, where are the cries of racism we have heard in cities where a white conservative mayor has called for a stronger police presence in crime-ridden sections of their cities?

Deadly Summer

While Emmanuel would love everyone to believe this is just a blip on the radar, these numbers of violence are the norm in his city.

In early April, there were more than five dozen shootings over the course of three days.

Over Father’s Day weekend, there were more than 50 shootings.

In one 24-hour period in late June, there were more than 20 shootings.

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And now we have more than 130 shootings so far in August (actually more, because those stats only reflect the first two weeks of the month).

If you want to know what it is like to live in Chicago, just watch The Purge, because that is what Chicagoans live every day.

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