5th Circuit Court upholds Texas heartbeat abortion ban

The U.S. 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals has ended an appeal seeking to knock down Texas’s six-week abortion ban dealing a devastating blow to leftists.

The ruling from the 5th Circuit Court said, “Having received the ruling of the Texas Supreme Court that named official defendants may not enforce the provisions of the Texas Heartbeat Act… this court REMANDS the case with instructions to dismiss all challenges to the private enforcement provisions of the statute and to consider whether plaintiffs have standing to challenge.”

The Texas Heartbeat Act has been in place for nearly a year and represents the greatest victory of the pro-life movement and the bill is spawning copycats in other states.

Courts upholding pro-life laws

Texas’s anti-abortion law is named after the concept of a heartbeat forming a bright line for when an abortion is allowed.

If a doctor can detect fetal cardiac activity, which typically occurs at the six-week mark, then an abortion cannot be performed. Any doctor that does perform an abortion after a heartbeat is detected can be sued by private citizens.

The decision by the 5th Circuit Court was celebrated by conservatives around the nation.

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton reacted to the decision by saying, “Very proud of my team for bringing win after win for the unborn in Texas! The Texas Heartbeat Act is one of the greatest pro-life laws in the nation, and I’m glad to defend it,” he wrote. “Tens of thousands of babies have been saved in Texas because of SB 8 and our victories in court!”

This decision by the 5th Circuit Court will add further to the growing pile of judicial precedent that is reinforcing pro-life legislation that Republicans have begun to push.

The Texas heartbeat bill has succeeded in dramatically reducing abortion in Texas which is amazing news for pro-life activists who have fought for decades to curb abortion.

This is just the beginning

The Supreme Court has already chosen to allow the heartbeat abortion ban to stand and that means other Republican states have a perfect blueprint to essentially ban abortion.

Mississippi is another state that has followed Texas’s example and the case that is on the way to the Supreme Court could very well overturn Roe v. Wade.

All of this is horrible news for radical leftists who have worked tirelessly to push abortion at all stages of pregnancy for years. The tide has turned and Texas’s abortion ban is just the beginning of a new wave of anti-abortion legislation.

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