Syrian Army Recovers Bodies of 57 Killed by ISIS

Will we ever be able to rid this world of the evil that is ISIS?

Late last night, a report came in that the bodies of 57 dead soldiers were recovered in the Al-Qadam District of southern Damascus.

Bodies Recovered, But for a Price

After the bodies were recovered, they were returned to the Syrian  army via the Syrian Red Crescent Society (SRCS).

The SRCS was given permission to recover the bodies by ISIS.

The concession was made in exchange for the release of jailed ISIS members

ISIS Regains Control

The Syrian soldiers were no doubt killed during a recent ISIS assault.

Reportedly, ISIS has regained most of Al-Qadam from the Syrian army.

Now What?

Now that ISIS has regained control of the region, they are reportedly willing to reopen negotiations with Syria for control of the area.

According to reports, ISIS is willing to give up the territory for transportation to Deir Ezzor.

Will This War Ever End?

President Trump campaigned on the strength of ending ISIS once and for all.

While there has been progress, it is quite apparent a bigger and more concentrated effort to end these terrorists is needed.

The United States obviously still has boots on the ground, but most of the publicized success against ISIS has been via MQ-9 Reaper drones.

Most recently, we learned of a series of attacks earlier this month, eight in all, that were carried out.

There are also daily missions being conducted by special forces, but we rarely if ever know about these missions unless they kill a high-value target.

It has become painfully apparent these countries are incapable of handing ISIS on their own and it will require our military to end them, but that will come at a price.

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There is always the constant back and forth to bring our boys home or give them more assets to finally end this war on terror.

Until ISIS is ended, it is quite clear nobody can let their guard down, because as we have seen, their reach is endless and their cowardly attacks can buckle a community or a country in a heartbeat.

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