5 dead, 2 injured in Capital Gazette shooting

A random shooting at a local paper has put the entire country into mourning.

On Thursday, a man opened fire at the Capital Gazette, killing five people and wounding several more.


The shooting stems from a 2012 defamation lawsuit.

According to reports, the alleged shooter, Jarrod Ramos, sued the paper back in 2012 for defamation of character but lost his lawsuit.

Apparently, his anger over the case continued to fester, culminating in Thursday’s shooting spree.

Planned Act

This was not a random act of violence by someone that just snapped.

The man clearly planned his attack and intended to do harm to individuals associated with the paper.

Local police stated the rear door of the building had been barricaded so as to prevent anyone from escaping.

The alleged shooter then went to the front of the building and opened fire.

Police don’t believe he was targeting any one person, but rather taking on targets of opportunity as he walked his way through the newsroom.

Deputy Chief of Police Bill Krampf stated, “This person was prepared to come in, this person was prepared to shoot people.”

“His intent was to cause harm, and as I stated before, the investigative part of this is going to be thorough and it’s going to take some time,” Krampf added.

The reality of the attack has reached across the entire country, yet it is being downplayed by the media both due to the weapon and where the attack took place.

Maryland, you see, has some of the strictest gun laws in the country.

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In addition, the shooter did not use an AR-15, but rather a shotgun.

As far as the mainstream media is concerned, both of those factors make this a non-story.

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