4 sword-wielding ISIS terrorists have been killed in Indonesia

The fight against ISIS around the world continues… and ISIS is losing big league.

The latest hit against ISIS came in Indonesia, where four samurai-wielding terrorists were taken out by authorities on Wednesday.

ISIS Inspired Attack

The men used the ISIS playbook to try to assault a police station on Sumatra Island.

First, they drove their vehicle into a gate outside the headquarters.

After crashing the gate, four men left the vehicle, holding samurai swords.

Several officers suffered cuts in the attack, with one officer reportedly having been killed by the terrorists.

In addition, a journalist was injured during the escape attempt by one of the men.

ISIS immediately took credit for the attack via the Aamaq News Agency.


According to the report, all four men are affiliated with a local ISIS network.

Police spokesman Setyo Wasisto stated, “They all pledged allegiance to [ISIS leader] Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.”

He further stated, “They were part of the Islamic State of Indonesia (NII) network in Riau, which is part of the ISIS network in Indonesia.”

More Ramadan Attacks

The holy month of Ramadan has unfortunately netted more deaths, and it is only a week old.

More attacks occurred in the week involving family suicide bombers.

Two families, including at least one child at the age of seven, carried out successful terror attacks in Surabaya.

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In all, 26 people were killed in the suicide bombings, including the terrorists.

As with the other attacks, ISIS was quick to claim responsibility for the terror attacks.

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