36-year-old singer found dead in Scotland

Scott Hutchison, the lead singer of the indie rock band Frightened Rabbit, was found dead on Thursday evening. He was 36. 

Hutchison’s body was found near the Port Edgar Marina in Edinbourough.

Losing battle with depression

Hutchison went missing Wednesday. His family noted that there had been increasing concerns about his mental health recently.

The family noted: “Scott battled bravely with his own issues for many years and we are immensely proud of him for being so open with his struggles. His willingness to discuss these matters in the public domain undoubtedly raised awareness of mental health issues and gave others confidence and belief to discuss their own issues.”

“Depression is a horrendous illness that does not give you any alert or indication as to when it will take hold of you” it added.

In statement issued before his body was found, the family said they “remained positive and hopeful that he would walk back through the door, having taken some time away to compose himself.”

It was not to be.

From shy childhood to stardom

Hutchison was such a shy child that his mother once said he was as timid as a “frightened rabbit.”

It stuck, and Hutchison turned the uncomplimentary nickname into a badge of pride, eventually starting a band with his drummer brother Grant.

They got their big break with the critical success of their second album in 2008, which rocketed them to stardom, not just in the UK, but in the United States as well.

Despite the fame and attention, Hutchison always stayed close to his roots, and his family called him a “wonderful son, brother, uncle and friend.”

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Hutchison dealt with his depression poetically in his songs, which often mentioned his battle with suicidal thoughts. But in the end, he lost his greatest fight, and the impact of his family and fans is sure to be horrific.

The Guardian summed up the impact of his assumed suicide perfectly: “there is no tragic poetry in this death, only tragedy – and the loss of a wonderful songwriter and a better person.”

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