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In recent years, Muslim immigrants to America have gathered in various communities where they are comfortable with their friends and family, and businesses.

It’s not unusual for minority groups to remain connected.

One of those areas is Detroit, where Dearborn, Hamtramck, and Detroit’s Warrendale neighborhood now have many – even a majority – of Muslim residents.

That region also has been a “fortress” for Democrats, and Muslims largely have voted as a bloc for that party.

But all of a sudden, those votes are at risk, and it’s because of the leftists’ porn agenda for public schools.

In a column at PJMedia, Kevin Downey Jr. explains the surprise comes “less than a week before the midterms, and the Democrats are in panic mode.”

He wrote, “They didn’t learn from Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin’s victory last November — don’t mess with people’s kids — and they didn’t see themselves possibly losing Michigan.”

The members of the Muslim community, it seems, “don’t want their kids exposed to gay porn in their schools. They don’t believe in a 14-year-old’s ‘right’ to have his penis lopped off behind his parent’s backs. They are not down with aborting a child at all, much less a week before it’s born.”

“Hilariously, these are three of the Democrats’ election battle flags in 2022. What could go wrong?”

The problem he pointed out is that the Democrats “may have just ‘woke” their way out of power in Michigan. If the Republicans can take Wayne County, they will take the state. Muslims make up roughly 3% of Michigan’s population, where Trump beat Hillary by .23%.”

The reports about unrest on the volatile issues have been arriving from many points.

“Michigan’s GOP gubernatorial candidate, Tudor Dixon, recently mentioned a Muslim father who approached her and said he was voting Republican for the first time in his life,” the report said.

“It’s all due to the sexually explicit books and content in our schools,” Khalil Othman told the Detroit Free Press. “The whole Democratic establishment and leadership stayed silent and quiet and left the parents alone, fighting the issue. That was a red line for me.”

WND recently carried the report when Todd Starnes documented how Dearborn schools shut down a board meeting because hundreds of “mostly Muslim parents erupted in chants of ‘Vote them out.'”

The trigger was the school’s “sexually explicit LGBT books made available to students.”

The PJMedia report said because of that dispute, “Muslim leaders in Michigan are calling for their community to vote against liberal Democrats, including Rep. Rashida Tlaib. This comes as notorious Democrat jackpuddings Ilhan Omar and AOC have been heckled by their own people over the wildly expensive war in Ukraine. Is this the end of ‘the Squad’?”

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