33 shot last weekend in Chicago, including man walking down the street

As Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel continues to be forced down our throats as the “example” of what a Democrat should be, his city is going up in flames.

Last weekend, 33 people were shot in Chicago.

The Purge

The timing of the new TV show, The Purge, could not be more perfect.

As the knockoff of the hit movies prepares to premier on TV in two weeks, Chicagoans are living that horror every day.

And while citizens of the city are falling victim to gun violence every day, the mayor does nothing to stop it.

However, he always seems to find time to take the pulpit and rip the Donald Trump administration over its immigration policies.

Emanuel is also quite proud of the fact his city is a sanctuary city for undocumented immigrants.

Have you ever noticed that the cities run by liberal mayors who have turned them into safe havens for undocumented immigrants are also the most violent cities in our country?

The Shootings

Late on Saturday night, a man was host outside the Hilton Hotel, a victim of a drive-by.

On Sunday, a block party was broken up when two people got into an argument and decided to settle the dispute reminiscent of the Old West.

Another victim was shot while riding his bike.

The list goes on and on, many of the victims appearing to be random targets.

This proves the narrative the violence is mostly gang warfare is nothing but a coverup by the mayor.

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Oddly enough, local media were calling the weekend’s violence an improvement.

The previous weekend, there were more than 70 shooting victims in the city.

I guess that counts as progress.

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