At least 30 illegals with ties to Caravan arrested

Even though Trump promised to tighten up our borders, some immigrants are still trying to jump the border.

At least 30 of them found out the hard way, entering the U.S. without proper documentation will no longer work, as they were arrested and charged on Monday.

The Caravan

A large group of people traveling across Mexico had been tracked for days.

Officials suspected the group was a caravan looking to jump the border.

Most of the individuals arrested and charged on Monday were apparently part of that group.

Eighteen of them tried to cross as a group but were quickly napped by law enforcement.

The rest had broken off into smaller groups and were trying to pass over that way, but officials were able to capture them as well.

Criminal Charges

Attorney General Jeff Sessions did not waste any time pushing through the paperwork to have these border jumpers charged.

It has been reported that at least 11 of them have already been brought up on criminal charges.

Not Just from Mexico

Disturbingly, the group of border jumpers come from various different countries.

So far, the home countries of eight of the charged criminals has been revealed, and only one of them calls Mexico home.

This just drives home the point the President has been making since he first announced his candidacy for president.

The Mexican border is where criminals from many countries are trying to get to the United States.

With two of this group being from El Salvador and five from Honduras, it is a pretty safe assumption at least one of them has gang affiliations.

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So, even though liberals will deny it, securing our border is about keeping real criminals out, not preventing people for seeking a better life.

If opportunity is what they truly seek, get in line like everyone else and wait until your number is called and cross over LEGALLY!

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