Parents beware: 3-year-old Virginia boy found dead inside dryer in his home

An absolutely heartbreaking story out of Virginia is bringing parents to their knees today.

Brantley Lloyd, a 3-year-old child, was found dead inside the dryer of his father’s home.

Sad Birthday

Only a day earlier, the boy had celebrated his birthday.

According to his father, the child had been acting up all night.

He stated he had been up with the boy trying to calm him down.

Finally, in the early morning hours, the father said he was able to get to sleep.

Then, when he awoke in the early evening, he found his son unresponsive inside the dryer.

At roughly 5 p.m. the father called 911 and said his son was not breathing.

He also called the boy’s mother, Amanda Ray, and told her to get to his house ASAP because the boy was unresponsive.

When the mother arrived, she said emergency services were already there.

The Father

Questions are obviously going to be asked about the father, Chet Lloyd.

Ray stated, “It doesn’t make sense to me.”

“Nothing is adding up. I don’t understand how my baby was in a dryer. I don’t understand how he died,” Ray added.

According to reports, Ray had moved out of the house roughly 18 months ago.

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This is just a sad reminder how important it is for homes to be childproofed.

The matter remains under investigation.

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