Stormy Daniels’ lawyer claims 3 more women were paid to cover up affairs

Michael Avenatti is at it again.

Now, the attorney for porn star Stormy Daniels is claiming then-candidate Trump paid at least three other women “hush money.”

More Skeletons

To hear Avenatti, President Trump’s closet is filled with skeletons of affairs past.

Avenatti’s claims are unsubstantiated at this point.

When pressed for more details, Avenatti could not produce any actual evidence of his claim.

His only statement after his big reveal was that he was “not at liberty to share” the information he had.

Well, then why bring it up in the first place?

Rather than divulge his source, Avenatti is demanding Trump share the information on his own.

Avenatti stated, “release the information to the American people now. … Enough with the games.”

TV Time

Now that Avenatti is on the scent, this is not going to go away anytime soon.

He has proven in the past that once he gets something on his plate, he will get as much facetime as he can to promote it.

Oddly enough, this is the same man that has asked for privacy for Stormy Daniels.

Daniels was recently served divorce papers.

After the information hit the newswire, Avenatti asked for privacy while Daniels deals with this family matter.

He has no problems trying to wreck the marriage of Melania and Donald Trump, though.

Avenatti has proven to be nothing but pond scum when it comes to legal matters.

Several attorneys have already stated they have NEVER seen an attorney behave like this in the middle of pending litigation.

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He is the epitome of the punchline of the old joke…

What do you call 1,000 attorneys at the bottom of a lake? A good start.

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