3 lawmakers face expulsion for joining statehouse 'insurrection'

April 4, 2023
World Net Daily

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It was only a few days ago that there was reported an "insurrection" at the Tennessee statehouse.

Leftists and anti-gun ideologues staged protests at the state's Capitol over a shooting, by a transgender individual, Audrey Hale, of three children and three adults at a Christian school.

Fox News confirmed state troopers detained at least one protester, and three Democrats in the state House joined the activism.

"Chants of 'no justice, no peace' and 'save our children' echoed through the Tennessee House of Representatives chamber as pro-gun control protesters posted up both inside and outside the state capitol building," Fox reported. "Three Democrat state lawmakers — Reps. Justin Jones, Justin Pearson, and Gloria Johnson — brought the Tennessee lower chamber to a halt when they joined in chanting with the protesters."

Local media reports described the raucous protests that day as an "insurrection."

Now, it appears, there may be a serious price to pay for the legislators' activism.

The Washington Examiner documents how majority Republicans in the state House have filed resolutions to expel those three Democrats.

They are accused of bringing "disorder and dishonor" on the House.

The lawmakers being targeted had used "a megaphone to call for gun control laws and disregarding rules on decorum, among other House rules, according to state House Speaker Cameron Sexton."

"Their actions are and will always be unacceptable, and they break several rules of decorum and procedure on the House floor. Their actions and beliefs that they could be arrested on the House floor were an effort, unfortunately, to make themselves the victims," the speaker explained.

"In effect, those actions took away the voices of the protestors, the focus on the six victims who lost their lives, and the families who lost their loved ones," he added.

The Democrats claimed not to have violated any rules.

"We walked to the well to speak to the people who were begging us to protect them. Article two of the state constitution states that lawmakers have a right to protest against and dissent from any legislation that’s injurious to the people and have their protest marked in the journal of the house’s. That’s what we were doing," Johnson claimed.

Expulsion of the three would require a two-thirds vote in a statehouse where Republicans outnumber Democrats 75-24.

The three already have been removed from their committee assignments.



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