3 babies among 100 dead off the coast of Libya

Liberals need to take a good, hard look at their heroes, namely Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama for the horrors that are happening in Libya right now.

When three babies washed up ashore off the coast of Libya, it was a brutal reminder of how much damage the Obama administration, Hillary Clinton in particular,has done to that country as a direct result of the administration’s “deeds” in that part of the world.

The Devil You Know…

Hillary Clinton played a significant role in removing Muammar Qaddafi from power in Libya.

Of that there is little debate.

What she did not do, however, was plan for the aftermath.

The days following Qaddafi’s removal are widely regarded as one of the biggest blunders of both Hillary’s State Department career and of the Obama administration itself.

It was Hillary Clinton who made the recommendation of enforcing a no-fly zone to allow rebel forces to regroup.

It was Hillary Clinton who took up the case of arming and training those very same rebel forces.

The same rebel forces that were in part responsible for the attack against our Ambassador and CIA quarters in 2012.

Amazingly, Hillary Clinton continues to tout what happened in Libya as a major accomplishment of her time as Secretary of State.

As she continues to do with the presidential election, she neglects to fill in any details as to what actually happened after Qaddafi was removed and take responsibility for the aftermath.

The Reality

The state of Libya today IS Hillary’s fault, of that there is also no argument.

The policies of both she and then-President Obama have left a country behind that is in ruins.

Residents of Libya are constantly trying to flee the conditions of their native country.

Sadly, the scene of dead bodies happens more often than not.

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It is time for the media to tell the truth about what is happening to these people.

The blood of those babies and every dead body is on her hands… and it is time she he held accountable.

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