Democrat Congressman Suggests Using 2nd Amendment Against Trump

There is not doubt at all that what New York Congressman Suozzi stated during a question and answer session in Huntington should be considered a threat to the President.

After being asked a question about a mandate being put in front of the President and the options available if the President were not to sign it, Rep. Suozzi suggested taking up and bearing arms against President Trump.

First, Suozzi suggested “putting public pressure on the President,” then he stated, “This is where the Second Amendment comes in, quite frankly.”

Republicans Fire Back at Suozzi

Suozzi immediately came under fire from NRC Committee spokesman Chris Martin.

Martin stated, “When resistance and obstruction do not work out, Tom Suozzi proposes violence. He’s completely out of touch.”

The Democrat Twist

As we would expect, Suozzi’s Democrat buddies came right to his defense.

Kim Devlin, Suozzi’s senior adviser, stated, “Taking a page from such great Americans as Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, and Alexander Hamilton, Congressman Suozzi explained why our Founding Fathers created the Second Amendment as a way for citizens to fight back against a tyrannical government that does not follow the rule of law.”

She continued, “To suggest his comments meant anything else or that he was advocating for an armed insurrection against the existing president is both irresponsible and ludicrous.”

What is “irresponsible and ludicrous” is trying to defend a blatant attempt to encourage people to attack the president.

I would like one Democrat to tell me how this administration has ever acted “tyrannical” towards the American people.

Tyranny is defined as a “cruel and oppressive” government.

President Trump has followed the rule of law to the letter thus far, even when it completely went against measures put in place with our own system of government.

Laws put in place by Congress or Executive Order have been overturned by local courts and this administration, even though it was not happy with the ruling, abided by the decision and proceeded to pursue options available through our judicial system.

To suggest anything otherwise is ludicrous.

And to even hint that it is time to take up arms against President Trump should be grounds for treason.

This administration has put a tax cut in place that immediately resulted in four-figure bonuses handed out to employees and will no doubt put thousands more in the hands of middle and low-income American families.

Unemployment in minority communities is at an all-time low, and these Democrats continue to spread the false narrative of a “tyrannical” president being in place.

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Had this statement been made by a Republican in office after then-President Obama signed DACA into law, a truly unconstitutional act, he or she would have been run out of Washington.

I suggest the very same happen to Congressman Suozzi.

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