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Tucker Carlson used his popular Fox News show to highlight the case of Jan. 6 defendant Daniel Goodwyn, who faces up to a year in prison for entering the U.S. Capitol and leaving within one minute, committing no violence of any kind.

Carlson interviewed Goodwyn and his attorney, Carol Stewart, and played surveillance video released to him by House Speaker Kevin McCarthy. The J6 video aired by Carlson shows Goodwyn entering the Capitol building ("through an open door," Carlson notes) and then exiting less than a minute later after being asked to leave by police.

As the video plays in the background showing the footage of Goodwyn amongst the crowd in the Capitol, Carlson states, "This is a video of a man called Daniel Goodwyn walking through the Capitol, through an open door, on January 6, 2021, at exactly 3:32 PM. That is long after the doors were breached.

"In it, you can clearly see that Goodwyn was inside for less than a minute. When he was asked to leave, he left!" Carlson said. "There's no dispute about any of that. It's all on tape." He said the footage was also provided to Goodwyn's attorneys.

"But the DOJ is still trying to send Goodwyn to prison, and in the meantime, they have wrecked his life," he said.

Describing his case, Goodwyn said, "What they've done is, I had to spend about a month incarcerated pre-trial, and then about a year in pre-trial home confinement. And I was facing 20 years [prison time] and now I'm still facing one year."

An incredulous Carlson asks: "You're facing a full year in prison for that?"

"That's right. I was in there [the Capitol building] for less than a minute," Goodwyn responds.

Asked by Carlson if there were any other potentially criminal factors contributing to the DOJ's aggressive prosecution of him, Goodwyn said he "didn't steal anything, I didn't break anything ... I didn't hurt anyone, [or] anything like that."

"So how is what they're doing to you allowed in this country?" Carlson asked. "You seem like a political prisoner. What would be another name for it?"

"Political hostage," Goodwyn answered, "because prisoners have rights and they've taken many of our rights away as January 6'ers."

Goodwyn's attorney, Carol Stewart, said the characteristics of his case are "very common" among J6 defendants. "The majority of people have done nothing violent, they've broken nothing. They were there where they believed they had a right to be. No signs — nothing indicated they could not be there. And they are being labeled as domestic terrorists."

Carlson called it an "atrocity." He said the media is not covering this and "nobody seems to care," with a few exceptions like Rep. Marjorie Taylor-Greene, who has sought to expose the Jan. 6 participants' plight.

Goldwyn encouraged viewers to learn more about the J6 prisoners and added: "There was a lot of police violence that day and that needs to be investigated."

After the interview segment, Carlson said, “January 6th I think is probably second only to the 2020 election as the biggest scam in my lifetime.”

Background on Daniel Goldwyn

Asked by Tucker what people can do to help the J6 "political prisoners," Goodwyn urged people to go to the website "" to learn more about cases like his.

A page on the site devoted to his case, titled "Daniel in the lion's den," shows an online fundraiser to cover legal fees that have reached almost one-quarter of its goal of $100,000.

The page shows a proposed plea agreement and other documents from the case. A Dec. 14 update of his case at the D.C. appellate court states that the charge he is facing is "the felony 'obstruction' charge that carries a maximum penalty of 20 years [prison]."

An April 22, 2022 update states: "At last, released from home detention! Daniel Goodwyn has been released from home detention on March 22, 2022. He spent 20 days in jail and 397 in home detention."

"Daniel is one of the almost three hundred J6ers who have received this bogus charge — and several defendants are actually already serving time for it. If the appellate court rules in our favor, it would have to be dismissed for all J6ers," it states.

An Aug. 30, 2021, post by Daniel's mother, Marie Goodwyn, tells of the day their family's lives were changed. Headlined, "We had to find a new lawyer," it reads:

"It has been a long and difficult road since the day our home was raided by an FBI anti-terrorist task force. We were a normal family in a suburb of North Dallas, living a peaceful life, going to work, going to church, gardening, and enjoying our hobbies. But, that day things changed. Our son became the target of an overreaching government. He is just one of some 700 other “targets.” The government vows there are more to come.

"We had to find a new lawyer as our first one was not good for us to say the least. This was a hard decision to make. We had already spent $10,500. Now, we have to start over. If we go to trial the cost will be $100,000 not counting travel expenses for our lawyer to go to DC when necessary. Unfortunately and most likely we will have to go to trial.

"We hired Joseph McBride and we are very comfortable with him. He is a fine Christian man with a passion for justice.

"Please help us raise this enormous amount of money.

"Thank you all for your continued support and for your prayers in this most difficult time in our lives. God bless you.

"Marie Goodwyn"

Tucker on the J6 Committee 'liars'

In a March 8 interview on Blaze TV, Glenn Beck interviewed Carlson and asked him to make the case that the Jan. 6 Committee members were "liars," as Carlson has claimed. The popular Fox News host responded that as a longtime (former) D.C. resident denizen and veteran of the capital city's political scene, his "default setting was not: they're lying about everything. I never assumed that."

However, Carlson told Beck, "I was shocked to learn that they were lying intentionally, and ... we have a very specific way of knowing that, which is: when January 6 Committee researchers looked at [J6 surveillance] video, they bookmarked it. They left an electronic mark on the video they watched.

"So we know what they watched, and then we watched it. And so there is a video of [Jacob] Chansley, of [widely suspected J6 "fed" and never-prosecuted] Ray Epps and of [deceased U.S. Capitol Police Officer] Brian Sicknick that we know they watched, that was not included in the [J6 Committee] report, was never mentioned in the hearings. A year and a half, a thousand witnesses, an 850-page report — and this video, which overturns the story they were telling, [that] proves it was a lie, they saw but hid," he said.

Carlson said he is always hesitant to go to motives, "but in this specific case, we know that they lied, and it blew my mind."

He said he came to the conclusion that former Republican Congresswoman Liz Cheney is "affirmatively a liar. She knew the information, she withheld it because it challenged the lie that she was telling to the public."

Julie Kelly on DOJ's 'campaign of terror

Julie Kelly of American Greatness, author of "January 6: How Democrats Used the Capitol Protest to Launch a War on Terror Against the Political Right," (see WND offer below) has distinguished herself as the leading journalist covering Jan. 6 and the DOJ's aggressive prosecutions (and persecution) of J6 protesters.

In the days since Carlson began to air previously unseen videos that call into question the Democrat-led Jan. 6 Committee's "insurrection" narrative, she has used her Twitter feed to contrast the harsh treatment of J6 protesters with the light federal prosecutions of violent leftist protesters, e.g., Antifa militants arrested for attacking police and government buildings.

Kelly told Steve Bannon's "War Room" broadcast: "This campaign of terror against Trump supporters and Americans who dare to protest Joe Biden's illegitimate election is ongoing," she said, calling for a new "special January 6 select committee" to investigate the Biden DOJ's politicized prosecution of J6 protesters.

"This was a total sham cover-up. They left the Capitol intentionally insecure because they wanted the events and provoked the events of that day, for the very reason why here we are 26 months later, unbelievably: the FBI investigating, interrogating, harassing, and now DOJ prosecuting from a four-hour political protest more than two years ago."

"It is ongoing, it needs to stop, and Republicans need to recalibrate their efforts — stop talking about parents who are being surveilled at school-board meetings, etc. That's old news; this is new news, and it's developing every single day. Time to get on the ball."

Kelly commended House Speaker McCarthy for releasing the J6 videotapes and said there is "a lot more" unseen video footage debunking the dominant J6 narrative of the sort Carlson has exposed.

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

An employment panel has ruled that the army's requirement that its chaplains, serving servicemembers who mostly are Catholic and Church of Ireland members, be of that faith was discrimination.

The Irish Times reported the Workplace Relations Commission in Ireland has ruled John Hamill was discriminated against.

It was because he was rejected for a position as a military chaplain.

The government had argued that chaplains with "monotheistic belief" are needed to handle issues, including those with local leaders in sensitive conflict zones.

The report noted, "Witnesses for the Department of Defense argued a humanist chaplain could undo years of liaison work by army chaplains with religious fundamentalists in south Lebanon, including Hezbollah supporters, whom, it was argued, would be unlikely to accept a non-religious minister."

The report noted Hamill calls himself a member of the Congregationalist Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

The ruling determined that Hamill deserved no "compensation" but told the government agency to review its process so that it would "reflect and foster the diversity of members of the Defense Forces."

The army had explained that the military makes chaplains available services to soldiers, of whom nearly 90% were Catholic. The role of a chaplain, therefore, required a Christian.

It said military chaplains must have "first a monotheistic belief in God, and second the capacity to minister in that faith."

Hamill said otherwise, but Frank Kennedy, on behalf of the Department of Defense, said different treatment was allowed because of the "genuine and determining occupational requirement."

Only 41 service members say they are atheists.

A witness, Capt. Martin McMahon said being of faith, "certainly contributes to force protection by dealings with religious leaders and local leaders."

It was adjudicating officer Kevin Baneham who rejected being of faith as an "occupational requirement" to be a chaplain.

He then claimed, "I have no doubt that religious leaders make very good military chaplains and would likely succeed during any assessment and interview process because of their pastoral work in the community. It is not, however, proportionate that no one else can apply or be considered for appointment."

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With the warning, "I'm back," James O'Keefe this week unleashed an announcement that likely struck a certain amount of fear among those who are doing wrong, abusing their power, or the like.

O'Keefe, the founder of Project Veritas, was separated from the company just weeks ago.

But a posting on a social media site gave the world the news of his return:

O'Keefe's first campaign to expose those who may want to remain in darkness involved the leftist activist organization ACORN, which after his work shortly closed up shop.

He said his targets still include pharma giants, government agencies, and many, many more.

His last project with Project Veritas involved exposing an executive for Pfizer claiming the company was mutating the COVID-19 virus so that providing constant vaccinations would be a "cash cow" for the company.

He later said he was joking.

Now, O'Keefe said, "We are going to build an army."

"Exposing corruption requires standing up to power, because power hates sunlight. We are sunlight," he noted.

His company, O'Keefe Media Group, uses the logo "OMG."

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It seems the more that Americans learn about the COVID-19 pandemic, the more questions there remain.

After all, Anthony Fauci, Joe Biden's top COVID-19 adviser who has campaigned repeatedly for the idea that the bat coronavirus jumped – naturally – to humans in some location adjacent to the Wuhan, China, lab where scientists were experimenting on it, previously has been linked to funding, through grant programs, for that research.

But now Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is accusing him of accepting military contracts and developing bioweapons for the Pentagon – for years.

On social media, a report relates Kennedy's explanation to podcaster Jimmy Dore, that Fauci has been in charge of developing bioweapons for the Pentagon since 2002, and got into trouble for having viruses escape U.S. labs, so moved his projects to Wuhan:

They took the money that Cheney gave them [from the Patriot Act], $2.2 billion, and they funneled it through NIH, and it all went through Anthony Fauci. So beginning in 2002, Anthony Fauci got a 68% raise from the Pentagon for doing bioweapons development, and he got a raise of billions of dollars a year, and then he started doing all of this gain-of-function.

In 2014, three of those bugs escaped in high-profile escapes from different labs in the U.S. Congress held hearings on it. Everybody was angry, and 300 top scientists sent letters to Obama saying you got to shut down Fauci because he is going to create a pandemic.

So, Obama ordered a moratorium, and at that time, Fauci had eighteen different gain-of-function experiments he was doing around the U.S. He instead moved his stuff offshore to Wuhan, where he could do it out of sight of these 300 scientists and nosy White House officials who were trying to shut him down.

And he continued to do it with the same people he was funding here, Ralph Baric and Peter Dazak, and they moved their operation to the Wuhan lab."

A report at the Gateway Pundit pointed out it had reported in 2020 "that Chinese Doctor Shi Zhengli was part of a team working on a coronavirus project jointly with U.S. doctors in 2014 before it was shut down by the DHS for being too risky."

But she then moved her "research" to Wuhan, the report said.

"Doctor Shi Zhengli from China was part of a team, including Doctor Ralph S. Baric from North Carolina, that published an article in a 2015 edition of Nature Medicine. In the article, they discussed bat coronaviruses that showed potential for human emergence. The article was published in 2015."

In 2014 HHS wrote to the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill to announce the defunding of the program, and the letter mentioned Baric.

"After the work stopped in the U.S., the Chinese moved forward with the project and ran research and development in Wuhan at the Wuhan Virology Center. From Shi Zhengli’s papers and resume, it is clear that they successfully isolated the coronavirus in the lab and were actively experimenting with species-to-species transmission," the report said.

It continued, "It’s also important to note that back in 2017 we had solid intelligence about a viral leak in a high-security Chinese virology R&D center that resulted in the SARS virus getting out and killing people. This information provides a basis that contradicts the theory that COVID-19 is a variant that just magically mutated in a bat in the wild and then jumped to a human when they ate a delicious bowl of bat soup."

The report questioned, "If these research projects were banned in the U.S. was it legal and appropriate for Dr. Fauci and NIAID to use taxpayer dollars to continue to fund the research in Wuhan, China? Was Dr. Fauci ever going to explain his conflict of interest? Did Dr. Fauci skirt U.S. law to fund these dangerous projects in China? Should the man in charge of the flawed U.S. policy to treat and contain the China virus be trusted when he has not been upfront with his connections to the Wuhan research projects?"

The Gateway Pundit cited details from the Times of Israel that confirmed, facing a moratorium on work in the U.S. in 2014, Fauci "outsourced in 2015 the [gain-of-function] research to China's Wuhan lab and licensed the lab to continue receiving federal funding.

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Joe Biden has launched a new "green" battlefront against yet another appliance.

The Washington Examiner noted that his administration earlier attacked natural gas stoves in homes as threats to the environment.

As recently as this week, the fight was "reignited," according to the report, as two federal agencies confirmed they are considering regulations that would, in essence, ban them.

"Instead of working to lower food prices for families and lessening inflation, the Biden administration’s priority is to target as many as 40% of Americans and arbitrarily ban their gas stoves," charged Heritage Action Executive Director Jessica Anderson. "Biden’s Department of Energy has weaponized the federal rulemaking process to push a radical Green New Deal agenda that is neither affordable for American families nor based in science."

And now a report in the Washington Free Beacon documents the Biden campaign against washing machines.

The report explained, "When Cincinnati firefighter Ed Wallace bought a high-efficiency Whirlpool washing machine, he came to regret the decision almost immediately. The machine used less water – not enough to clean Wallace's work clothes – and his colleagues at the firehouse quickly took notice. 'I walked past my guys and they say, 'Dude, you stink!' Wallace said. 'I smelled myself, and yeah, that's me stinking.'"

It's because of Biden's push for regulations that would set "standards" for washers that would limit the water used.

Because, of course, that's needed to "confront the global climate crisis," the report said.

"Those mandates would force manufacturers to reduce cleaning performance to ensure their machines comply, leading industry giants such as Whirlpool said in public comments on the rule. They'll also make the appliances more expensive and laundry day a headache – each cycle will take longer, the detergent will cost more, and in the end, the clothes will be less clean, the manufacturers say," the Free Beacon reported.

The report noted the "latest" attack since Biden's plans for gas stoves would "effectively ban half of all gas stoves on the U.S. market from being sold."

And then there are those pending rules for refrigerators, coming as soon as 2027.

The Heritage Foundation's Travis Fisher reacted.

"When you're squeezing all you can out of the efficiency in terms of electricity use and water … you by definition either make the appliance worse or slower," Fisher said. "Why are we so focused on the energy output, as opposed to if it's helping me wash my clothes? That standard has kind of gone off the rails."

One issue is that consumers, with machines that no longer adequately clean clothes, likely would choose to run them through twice, eliminating any "green" benefit.

And, according to the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers, the washing machine rules would hurt low-income households the most.

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When Joe Biden, again this week, told a story about his own enlightenment about gay couples, the Washington Post fact-checked staidly with the conclusion there were reasons to be "skeptical" of his claim.

Summit News didn't hold back, with the headline, "Whopper: Biden Lies About Supporting Gay Marriage Since The 1950s."

Summit explained the controversy: "In an interview Tuesday, Joe Biden told perhaps the biggest whopper of a lie to date, claiming that he has actively supported gay marriage since 1959."

The report noted Biden said he had an "epiphany" when he saw "two well-dressed men in suits kissing."

"I hadn’t thought much about it, to tell you the truth. I was a senior in high school. And my dad was dropping me off, and I remember I was about to get out of the car and I looked to my right and two well-dressed men in suits kissed each other. I mean they gave each other a kiss. One looked like he headed to one building, and one headed to the Hercules Corporation building," Biden claimed.

"And I’ll never forget, I turned and looked at my dad. He said, ‘Joey, it is simple, they love each other. It is simple.’ I’m not joking. It’s simple, they love each other. It’s never been, it’s just that simple. It doesn’t matter whether it is a same-sex or a heterosexual couple, they should be able to be married."

The Post's Glenn Kessler explained one problem with Biden's claim is that homosexuals largely were "closeted" at the time and Biden repeatedly has changed the story as he's re-told it over time.

Fox News pointedly noted that if Biden had an "epiphany," it didn't affect his later support, in the 1990s, for the Defense of Marriage Act that defined "marriage" as only the legal union of a man and a woman.

It actually wasn't until 2012 when Biden said, as vice president, "I am absolutely comfortable with the fact that men marrying men, women marrying women, and heterosexual men and women marrying another are entitled to the same exact rights, all the civil rights, all the civil liberties."

Then last year he signed the so-called "Respect for Marriage Act," which gave further special rights to same-sex couples.

Summit's report, noted, however, if Biden's story "actually happened, and Biden’s father did actually say that, and Biden actually believed it, then there are some important questions to follow up with, which of course were not asked by the guy interviewing him, Kal Penn, who isn’t a journalist and is a former Obama White House staffer turned actor.

The special prosecutor in the Alec Baldwin shooting case stepped down on Tuesday after defense lawyers in the case moved to disqualify her because of separation of powers concerns. 

The special prosecutor in New Mexico, who is also Republican state Rep. Andrea Reeb, said in a statement that she “will not allow questions about my serving as a legislator and prosecutor to cloud the real issue at hand.”

“It has become clear that the best way I can ensure justice is served in this case is to step down so that the prosecution can focus on the evidence and the facts,” Reeb said.

District Attorney Mary Carmack-Altwies filed a notification in state district court of Reeb's recusal, but did not comment on the action.

Baldwin pleaded not guilty

Baldwin has pleaded not guilty to involuntary manslaughter in the case involving the accidental shooting death of Halnya Hutchins, along with weapons supervisor Hannah Gutierrez-Reed on the set of the movie "Rust," which Baldwin was producing and starring in.

The maximum penalty for the charges is 18 months in prison along with fines.

The shooting involved numerous mistakes, including the mixing of live rounds with blank ammunition and Baldwin shooting the gun while it was aimed at someone. Joel Souza, the director, was also wounded by the gun Baldwin shot.

Baldwin has expressed sorrow and remorse over the shooting, but has not taken responsibility for his part in shooting the gun, even though it should have been unloaded.

Passing the buck

A preliminary hearing in May will decide whether there is enough evidence to proceed to a trial.

According to prosecutors, assistant director David Halls, who was responsible for safety on set, has agreed to a plea deal for negligent use of a deadly weapon. It's possible that Halls will testify against Baldwin and Gutierrez-Reed.

Gutierrez-Reed has claimed that sabotage on the set may have caused the shooting, along with Baldwin's lack of firearms training, and also said Halls and Baldwin failed to ask her to perform extra firearm checks on the set, according to Reuters.

If anyone on the set can show that protocols were not followed, then someone might be able to be held accountable for the shooting.

No ill intentions

Baldwin may not have meant for anything bad to happen, but if he pointed the gun and shot it when protocols were clear that he was not supposed to do so, then he's responsible.

That's why rules exist, to protect people from accidents like this, and ignoring them is exactly why these things sometimes happen.

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

Huge numbers of Americans say that "climate change" is not science at all, but a religion.

According to Rasmussen Reports, 60% of respondents, all Likely U.S. voters, agree with the statement, "Climate change has become a religion that 'actually has nothing to do with the climate' and is really about power and control."

The survey, done March 3-6, interviewed 950 U.S. Likely Voters.

An editorial at the Gateway Pundit noted Rasmussen also asked whether Joe Biden was doing "a good job" on climate change.

"The results are all over the place," the editorial said. "Nobody even knows how to answer that question."


This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

Online, Black Lives Matter calls itself a "decentralized political and social movement" that campaigns over racism and racial inequality.

It focuses on "police brutality and racially motivated violence against black people."

However, there are corporate entities within the movement, that exist legally, and have bank accounts, and spend money on their campaigns.

Because a new report from Breitbart reveals that the BLM "movement and related causes received an astonishing $82.9 billion from corporations."

Citing a database assembled by the Claremont Institute, the report said BLM and its "related causes" got $82.9$ billion donated by corporations.

"The Claremont Institute’s Center for the American Way of Life explained the necessity of their report in an article published in Newsweek, where the Center asserted that the 2020 BLM movement was about more than just 'rioting and destruction.' The Center explained that 'The BLM pressure campaigns, harassment, and moral blackmail also amounted to possibly the most lucrative shakedown of corporate America in its history.'"

The report noted the sum was "more than the GDP of 46 African countries."

The report described how the evidence shows "several popular corporations from a wide range of different industries supplied the movement with large sums of cash. Walmart, for example, which is based in Arkansas, gave a whopping $100 million in support of BLM and related causes focusing on 'racial equity.' Amazon gave even more, supplying the movement with an astonishing $169.5 million. Silicon Valley Bank gave the movement $73.45 million."

Other major donors included Abbvie, Allstate, Apple, AT&T, Nike, United Airlines, JetBlue, Southwest Airlines, and Delta Airlines.

Also Bank of America, Wells Fargo and Deloitte.

"Asset management giant BlackRock put a shocking $810 million towards BLM and related causes, while other powerful financial institutions also bankrolled the movement, with Capital One Financial giving $10 million, Morgan Stanley giving $30 million, US Bank giving $160 million, and Goldman Sachs giving $10.1 million," the report said.

Even Walt Disney Company and the Pokémon Company joined.

The funds went, according to the Claremont Institute's report, for "future operations, purchasing luxury real estate, engaging in nepotism, disbursing grants to dozens of BLM chapters and revolutionary organizations, and operating a PAC to 'elect progressive community leaders, activists, and working-class candidates fighting for Black liberation.'"


Hollywood actress and far-left Democratic activist Jane Fonda seemingly suggested that "murder" was an appropriate and acceptable action for abortion supporters to take against pro-life Republican lawmakers during an appearance last week on ABC's "The View."

That reportedly led directly to a separate but related death threat against Rep. Anna Paulina Luna (R-FL), and she has now reported Fonda and her initial threat to the Capitol Police, the Western Journal reported.

Jane Fonda calls for "murder" of pro-life politicians

It was on Friday that Fonda appeared on "The View" to promote her new movie and, inevitably, the conversation turned to last year's Supreme Court decision to overturn Roe v. Wade and how a number of Republican-led states are now passing decidedly pro-life laws to ban or sharply curtail abortion procedures.

"We have experienced many decades now of having agency over our bodies, of being able to determine when and how many children to have," Fonda proclaimed. "We know what that feels like, we know what that's done for our lives. We're not going back, I don't care what the laws are -- we're not going back."

Co-host Joy Behar asked what could be done besides "marching and protesting," to which Fonda replied, "Well, I've thought of murder." Then, when asked to repeat herself amid the nervous laughter of others, the actress stated more forcefully, "Murder," and then said nothing but shot a knowing sideways glance at Behar as the co-host scrambled to suggest that Fonda had just been "kidding."

Jane Fonda just went on the View and said Pro-Life politicians need to be "murdered" because of their views on abortion.

Joy Behar desperately tried to save face by saying that Fonda was "kidding" but she clearly was not.

— Citizen Free Press (@CitizenFreePres) March 10, 2023

Capitol Police have been notified

Florida congresswoman Luna did not take Fonda's statement as a joke, however, and took to Twitter just hours later on Friday to announce, "I have notified Capitol Police of Jane Fonda’s call to murder pro-life politicians."

"I am a pro-life member of Congress. As she did not retract or clarify that she was 'joking' with her statement, we are taking this threat as a serious one," she continued. "Jane Fonda and The View, must issue a full retraction of Fonda’s sickening call to murder pro-life politicians and those who fight for the rights of unborn babies."

"Calling for the murder of pro-life politicians is not only dangerous but it’s incredibly sick. This leads to targeting and can result in someone being seriously hurt," Luna added. "The View should be ashamed that they condone violence, especially against women elected officials as we are already targeted way more for stalking and violence way more than our male counterparts."

New death threat received following Fonda's call for "murder"

On Monday, Rep. Luna appeared on Fox News with host Jesse Watters and reiterated that she had notified the Capitol Police of the "murder" threat espoused by Fonda and also revealed that it had directly inspired a new death threat against her from another individual.


— Anna Paulina Luna (@realannapaulina) March 15, 2023

"After this clip was posted, our office received another death threat that we then had to report to Capitol Police, so this is not uncommon for the left. They like to try to drown it out, try to ignore it, but we take this seriously," the congresswoman said.

Asked by Watters to confirm if the newly received threat could be traced directly back to Fonda's commentary, Luna replied, "Absolutely," and revealed that the threatening comment had been posted under a video clip of Fonda and stated something to the effect of "The only good conservative and Trump supporter was a dead one."

She went on to predict that Fonda would likely receive a visit from the Capitol Police, as has happened in the past with other high-profile celebrities who publicly uttered death threats against Republicans or former President Donald Trump, and reiterated just how "dangerous" such rhetoric truly is for all politicians, but especially women.

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