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The American Center for Law and Justice is declaring victory in its fight against the Smithsonian over its anti-Christian practice – in which guards banned students wearing pro-life hats.

The organization is reporting a consent decree has been approved by a federal court.

In it, the federal institute promises, "Smithsonian shall further reiterate to all security officers stationed at all Smithsonian museums open to the public and the National Zoological Park, that Smithsonian policy does not prohibit visitors from wearing hats or other types of clothing with messages, including religious and political speech."

The ACLJ has been representing students kicked out of the National Air and Space Museum.

"This victory follows on the heels of the victory we achieved for our other clients in the case against the National Archives. Just as in the National Archives case, the Smithsonian has agreed to enter into a consent order and preliminary injunction, which is a court order prohibiting the Smithsonian from targeting pro-lifers again," the ACLJ reported.

"As you’ll recall, on January 20, 2023, following the 50th Annual National March for Life in Washington, D.C., a group of young pro-life students, along with parents and chaperones, visited the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum. While in the museum, the students were targeted and harassed and eventually kicked out by employees simply because the students were wearing blue beanie hats that had 'Rosary PRO-LIFE' written on them."

A lawsuit followed, in which the ACLJ noted, "When our clients initially entered the museum, they were told by at least two security officers to remove their hats as they were going through security. They complied, believing this to be a simple security protocol for screening. After passing through security and seeing other individuals wearing expressive attire, the students put their hats back on and viewed the museum exhibits. Thereafter, multiple museum personnel told the students they must remove their hats. Staff could be heard using expletives about the students, many of whom were minors …"

The ACLJ warned, however, that the case "is far from over."

"As with our lawsuit against the National Archives, we will enter a period of mediation with the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum to see if we can get to the bottom of why our clients were targeted. This is just one of many coordinated efforts to harass and abuse pro-lifers in federally funded institutions. That directive came from someone, and whoever it was must be held accountable, and we’re going to do the work necessary to hold them accountable."

When the dispute developed WND reported that the ACLJ described the harassment as "a clear and egregious abuse of the First Amendment, which protects their right to free speech without government interference."

"A government institution cannot censor an individual's speech, much less speech from the inherently Christian pro-life position," the organization said.

Museum officials initially responded that the actions by the security officers were in violation of their own instructions.

When the incident developed, Live Action News documented that several adults verified the claims made by the students.

Joe Pepitone, a three-time all-star baseball player for the New York Yankees known for his flamboyant style and partying habits, died Monday at age 82. 

Pepitone was found dead by his daughter Cara, according to son BJ who reported his death to the press. The cause of death is not known, but a heart attack is suspected.

Yankees' statement on Pepitone's death

The Yankees organization released a statement on Pepitone's death.

"The Yankees are deeply saddened by the passing of former Yankee Joe Pepitone, whose playful and charismatic personality and on-field contributions made him a favorite of generations of Yankees fans even beyond his years with the team in the 1960s. As a native New Yorker, he embraced everything about being a Yankee during both his playing career – which included three All-Star appearances and three Gold Gloves – and in the decades thereafter," the statement read.

"You always knew when Joe walked into a room – his immense pride in being a Yankee was always on display," the statement continued. "He will be missed by our entire organization, and we offer our deepest condolences to his family, friends and all who knew him."

Pepitone's career

Pepitone was born and raised in Brooklyn. He joined the Yankees in 1962 at age 21. He hit .263 in his first season, in which the Yankees won the World Series, and went on to be an all-star for the next three seasons.

He helped get the Yankees to the World Series again in 1963 and 1964, but they did not win either of those times. He also got a Golden Gloves award in 1965 and 66 for his work at first base.

After eight seasons with the Yankees, Pepitone went on to play for the Houston Astros, Chicago Cubs, and Atlanta Braves before retiring in 1973.

After retirement, Pepitone went back to work on the Yankees coaching staff.

A fan favorite

Pepitone was a fan favorite at the Yankees, both for his on-field performance and his off-field antics.

Pepitone went bald early, and he wore long wigs to cover the problem. He also hung out in bars and clubs, and posed nude in Foxylady magazine in 1975.

After he came back to work for the Yankees in the 1980s, his antics continued. He spent a few months in Rikers Island in 1988 for drugs, and he was also arrested after a brawl in 1992 and a DUI in 1995.

Even so, fans loved to see him at alumni events like the old-timer games and other fan events.

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Throughout two years of Joe Biden's presidency, there's evidence the agenda points he's most concerned about promoting are abortion and the developing medical industry cash cow that involves transgender treatments including body-mutilating surgeries for children.

report from just a day ago confirmed Biden called a plan in Florida that would restrict those transgender "treatments" "close to sinful."

Biden said, "What’s going on in Florida is, as my mother would say, close to sinful. It’s just terrible what they’re doing."

His diatribe came as an unprecedented flood of proposals is being made in state legislatures to protect children from such life-altering procedures, to require that members of girls' athletic teams actually be girls, and more.

Some states already have banned doctors from prescribing puberty blockers, hormone therapy, and body-mutilating surgeries for patients under 18.

Biden said it was "cruel" to have such limits.

Now Americans have responded to his ideology in a poll from McLaughlin & Associates/Summit.

There, 71% of respondents are "either concerned, angry, or upset about efforts to expose children to transgender ideology."

And 71% "believe that pharmaceutical companies and doctors who promote treatments for underage children seeking gender transition should be legally liable for any harmful side effects."

The polling included 1,000 likely general election voters and was done Feb. 17-22.

"From TV to Tik Tok to drag shows and trans curriculum in schools, our children and grandchildren are being bombarded daily with the transgender ideology. But it doesn't stop there – doctors are now routinely prescribing powerful drugs to kids as puberty blockers without FDA approval for such use," explained Jeff Myers, president of

"This polling shows that the American public is rightfully concerned, angry and want accountability for this targeting of kids."

He has authored "Exposing the Gender Lie: How to Protect Children and Teens from the Transgender Industry’s False Ideology," and said, "In our new book we show that the intentional targeting of children with transgender messaging results in serious psychological and physical harm. Children are being subjected to dangerous risks and lifelong side effects, all to promote a radical ideology and reap massive profits for the transgender medical industry. Thankfully well-reasoned Americans are starting to push back, and this book is designed to equip them with the resources they need to protect their children from this medical and social scandal."

The polling results show 41% of the respondents were "very concerned or angry" with campaigns to expose children to transgender ideology through drag queen shows and school indoctrination.

Another 30% are "concerned and upset."

And the same total belief that corporations and physicians who are benefiting from the social agenda must be "legally liable."

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"Reading the first public miracle of turning water into wine hooked me."

"Most excellent! I've studied and taught the Bible for over 40 years yet I still learned a great deal ... Outstanding work!"

"Many Biblical references authenticate these claims. WOW! "

These are just a few of the comments readers have posted on Amazon for "Reaching God Speed: Unlocking the Secret Broadcast Revealing the Mystery of Everything," the best-seller by Joe Kovacs illuminating countless Bible mysteries.

The breakthrough book is now available in the WND Superstore, at a price cheaper than Amazon.

The vast majority of readers are giving the book five-star reviews, with an overall average of very strong four stars.

Here's more of what readers are saying:

"The book was a joy to read and very enlightening. I like how inspirational the message of the book is. It makes you think outside the box and really digs into Scripture in a unique way."

"Excellent book with a great perspective!"

"Opens your eyes, ears, and thoughts. Page-turner."

"Fantastic. As usual, Joe hits it out of the park once again! If you're looking into a closer, more intimate relationship with God, this book will truly enlighten you in ways you never imagined."

"Great depth of insight into everyday life."

"Joe Kovacs' book reveals what is right in front of us all the time. After reading the book, you will not marvel that the King of the Universe can use all of His creation to communicate with us. Why wouldn't He?"

"Great read! Very enlightening!"

"This book is well written & the author has a way of wording that makes it understandable. 👍 "

"This is a very eye-opening book, to say the least. ... After reading this book I'd like to think my eyes were opened even farther than in the past. I hope yours are too. Treat yourself and enjoy his books. Bet ya can't read just one!"

"Most insightful in uncovering and explaining the many metaphorical elements of the Bible."

"Truly an in-depth, thought-provoking read."

"I felt like the author made it very easy to understand and to read. Plus, he really does have a great sense of humor! He relates to his audience by using music, movies, TV shows, and nature to how we can understand the Bible's history and facts! This book, 'Reaching God Speed,' helps with seeing the world from a spiritual point of view, on a spirit level. Basically connecting the dots and understanding the stories. Everything we come across in life, nature, music, or media, should be used as a tool from a spiritual perspective by hearing and seeing even though we use our ears and eyes on a physical level. Once I understood what Joe Kovacs was conveying in their book, 'Reaching God Speed,' it's easier to look at things on a spiritual level."

"It was a good, fast read. Joe's a good writer, extremely engaging, and conversational in style. The book's a real page-turner. And, rather than putting the information communicated in this book out of reach, he definitely puts the cookies on the lower shelf so your mind has no problem grasping what he's writing. You will not be bored, nor will you be confused! This book is helpful -- especially when we're all pretty much used to one-dimensional thinking about what we experience through our senses. Read this book and your thinking and vision for almost everything around you will expand, in a good way. ... When I consider the purpose of the book (a call to expand my vision and look at life from a God-centered perspective -- he calls it shifting to God speed) and his engaging style of writing, I think he achieved his purpose, and that's more than I can say for a host of other writers! As a result of reading this book, I hope my sermon illustrations improve! They most certainly need to!"

"I've often wished departing friends & relatives 'Godspeed' as they leave ... but ... this exceptionally interesting read illuminates the term exponentially. This book took me from a 'Spiritual Fog' to a more clear Scriptural Awareness in just 249 pages, divided into 12 'GEARS' (chapters). Not only was it revealing and enlightening, but also empowering. I was generally aware of some, but not all, of the 12 levels of thought and still came away with a heightened sense of 'Wow! how could I have overlooked that.'"

"Taking the umbrella term of 'Broadcasting,' the author patiently and saliently journeys us through music, movies, TV, children's stories, advertising, and life activities. What made this refreshing book stand out was the voluminous scriptural references that lead us readers to the crossroads of choice: My way or God's way. Overall, this book is very motivational and I believe a follow-up Part II is in order. Ongoing personal growth will have me referencing this often. Definitely reminded me of the great hymn by Carroll Roberson 'Blessed are those who've never seen.'"

The popular Bible TV show "Shabbat Night Live" featured in-depth discussions of "Reaching God Speed" with its author during four episodes after the book's debut.

And some well-known Christians have already chimed in with high praise.

Hollywood legend Chuck Norris: "Another inspiring and insightful book and resource on the Bible by Joe Kovacs."

David Kupelian, journalist and author of "The Marketing of Evil": "Even though there's nothing more important in this life than discerning God's direction and meaning for our lives, it's easy to miss in a world that always seems headed in the other direction. Fortunately, in 'Reaching God Speed,' author Joe Kovacs, in a disarmingly lighthearted yet earnest and penetrating way, coaches the reader in how to detect God's transcendent and redemptive message in every area of life, even the most improbable."

Joseph Farah, author of "The Gospel in Every Book of the Old Testament": "Joe Kovacs has done it again! Forget 'Shocked by the Bible' and 'Shocked by the Bible 2,' though they are masterful books about Scripture. Now he unlocks the hidden principles of God to help you know every jot and title."

Bob Barney, editor of "Everyone understands the enemy's message permeates our world. Even in the classic comedy film 'Oh, God!,' George Burns noted how 'Nobody had any problem believing that the devil took over and existed in a little girl. All she had to do was wet the rug, and throw up some pea soup and everybody believed. The devil you could believe, but not God?'

"This is so true because few ministers or people of faith realize God is actually everywhere and involved in every single thing. That includes the books we read, the music we listen to, and the movies we watch.

"We witness a spectacular dawn and we thank God for it. We understand the Creator made the clear, beautiful morning, but often don't realize the same God inspired some authors, even those who hate or reject God, to deliver His messages of hope and warning in popular movies.

"Joe Kovacs' new book, 'Reaching God Speed,' explains what most of us do not know about the real God. It's an eye-opening work that will make us better understand that in everything we do, God is present with HIS MESSAGE! So even though the devil may be embedded in music, God is also there, and deeper still!"

Endorsed by Chuck Norris and other Christian champions, "Reaching God Speed" is nothing short of a breakthrough work, as it probes God's hidden messages embedded in popular movies, hit songs from (Adele and the Beatles to Frank Sinatra and Led Zeppelin), the stories we tell our children, everyday phrases we all say, historic news events, famous commercial campaigns, nature itself, and typical life activities such as inhaling every breath you takesleeping, waking up and many more.

It features a myriad of stunning biblical revelations, as the book:

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

A former Hunter Biden business associate, Rob Walker, received $3 million from a corporation connected to the Chinese Communist Party just two months after Joe Biden's tenure as vice-president had ended, bank reports that finally were released by the U.S. Treasury Department reveal.

The next day after receiving the $3 million Chinese payment, Walker "started transferring money into three different Biden family members' accounts," House Committee on Oversight and Accountability Chair James Comer, R-Ky., told Fox News' Sean Hannity. One of those receiving the transfers is a "Biden family member that's never before been identified as being involved in the influence-peddling scheme."

"What were they doing in return for the cash?" Comer tweeted. "I will find out."

The revelations come after Biden's Department of Treasury — under threat of another House hearing with potential perjury charges — relented and finally sent Comer the banking "suspicious activity reports" on Biden family members and associates he'd been requesting for more than a year.

"[The U.S. Treasury Department] has caved," Comer tweeted Tuesday morning. "It should never have taken @GOPoversight threatening to hold a hearing an a transcribed interview with an official under the penalty of perjury for Treasury to finally provide access to suspicious activity reports generated by the Biden family."

The House Committee on Oversight and Accountability released this statement by Comer Tuesday, announcing that Treasury is "finally is providing the committee in camera [behind closed doors] review of the suspicious activity reports generated by the Biden family and their associates’ unusual foreign or high-dollar transactions":

“After two months of dragging their feet, the Treasury Department is finally providing us with access to the suspicious activity reports for the Biden family and their associates’ business transactions. It should never have taken us threatening to hold a hearing and conduct a transcribed interview with an official under the penalty of perjury for Treasury to finally accommodate part of our request. For over 20 years, Congress had access to these reports but the Biden Administration changed the rules out of the blue to restrict our ability to conduct oversight.

“According to bank documents we’ve already obtained, we know one company owned by a Biden associate received a $3 million dollar wire from a Chinese energy company two months after Joe Biden left the vice presidency. Soon after, hundreds of thousands of dollars in payouts went to members of the Biden family. We are going to continue to use bank documents and suspicious activity reports to follow the money trail to determine the extent of the Biden family’s business schemes, if Joe Biden is compromised by these deals, and if there is a national security threat. If Treasury tries to stonewall our investigation again, we will continue to use tools at our disposal to compel compliance.”

"We've been demanding these [suspicious activity bank reports] for over a year. Treasury Secretary [Janet] Yellen said we couldn't have them because we were in the minority. When I became chairman of the committee when the House flipped, she said, 'Well, I don't understand the purpose for why you need these suspicious activity reports,' which is a joke," he told Hannity.

It took a couple more Treasury refusals and ultimately the threat of a "subpoena for a transcribed interview" before Yellen and Treasury relented.

"So this is very serious information that we've received, very troubling information," he said. "It does show a pattern that the Biden family was receiving money directly from China, and the question I have is...what were they doing in return for that money?

"Now this is just one account. There are many more accounts and many more associates," he said, adding that the committee is fortunate that whistleblowers have been coming forward.

Comer told Fox News Business' Maria Bartiromo Sunday (before Yellen "caved"), “It’s as bad as we thought… Since we’ve last spoken we have bank records in hand. We have individuals who are working with our committee. In the last two weeks we’ve met with either these individuals personally or with their attorneys. And that would be four individuals who had ties in with the Biden family in their various schemes around the world. So now we have in hand documents that show exactly just how the Biden family was getting money from the Chinese Communist Party.”

That led Jim Hoft, founder and editor of the conservative Gateway Pundit, to proclaim, "Biden is finished. ... Comer's got the goods! ... This is a pivotal moment in American history. They finally have the goods on the Biden Crime Family."

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

President Trump is calling for peace in Europe and regime change here in the United States.

His comments were part of the responses obtained by Fox News' Tucker Carlson when he asked all of the GOP presidential hopefuls for their perspectives on Ukraine.

The Gateway Pundit reported that Nikki Haley, John Bolton, Mike Pompeo, Asa Hutchison and Chris Sununu chose not to respond.

But those who did included Trump, former Vice President Mike Pence, Gov. Ron DeSantis, Gov. Kristi Noem, Greg Abbott, Sen. Tim Scott, former Gov. Chris Christie and Ohio businessman Vivek Ramaswamy.

The report explained, "President Trump called for peace in Europe (but not at any price) and for regime change at home. Pence supports (but no blank check) Ukraine so as to stop Russia’s ambitions and set an example for China. DeSantis stunned the establishment by spelling out a position close to Trump’s, saying of the U.S. national interest, 'a territorial dispute between Ukraine and Russia is not one of them.'"

Trump openly blamed the weakness of Joe Biden for the Ukraine turmoil.

"The sad fact is that, due to a new lack of respect for the U.S., caused at least partially by our incompetently handled pullout from Afghanistan, and a very poor choice of words by Biden in explaining U.S. requests and intentions (Biden’s first statement was that Russia could have some of Ukraine, no problem!), the bloody and expensive assault began, and continues to this day," he said.

He then said it needs to end.

"Start by telling Europe that they must pay at least equal to what the U.S. is paying to help Ukraine. They must also pay us, retroactively, the difference. At a staggering 125 billion dollars, we are paying 4 to 5 times more, and this fight is far more important for Europe than it is for the U.S. Next, tell Ukraine that there will be little more money coming from us, UNLESS RUSSIA CONTINUES TO PROSECUTE THE WAR."

He said then a deal needs to be worked out.

It was a war "that never should have started in the first place," he said.

He said "regime change" in the United States is what is needed.

"The Biden administration are the ones who got us into this mess."

DeSantis said the U.S. priorities do not include "becoming further entangled in a territorial dispute between Ukraine and Russia."

"The Biden administration’s virtual 'blank check' funding of this conflict for 'as long as it takes,' without any defined objectives or accountability, distracts from our country’s most pressing challenges," he said.

He also warned "regime change" in Russia would increase the danger and not stop the war.

Nor would it, he said, "produce a pro-American, Madisonian constitutionalist in the Kremlin. History indicates that Putin’s successor, in this hypothetical, would likely be even more ruthless. The costs to achieve such a dubious outcome could become astronomical."


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A member of Congress has called Capitol Police on Jane Fonda after the leftist Hollywood icon suggested "murder" as a solution to the abortion industry's problem with pro-lifers.

It's because the comments from the octogenarian Fonda "spawned a death threat," according to a report from the Washington Examiner.

The complaint was filed by U.S. Rep. Anna Paulina Luna, a Florida Republican.

She said Fonda, who made the apparent threat while appearing on ABC's" The View," and the program hosts "need to be held accountable" for suggesting "pro-abortion rights women could use 'murder' as a solution to win back control over their bodies,'" the report said.

Fonda, last week, told show host Joy Behar "murder" could be an option for pro-abortion activism, in addition to marches and protests.

The program's hosts claimed the suggestion was a joke.

But Luna reported Fonda and "The View" hosts to Capitol Police, saying their discussion spawned a death threat.

"Unfortunately, for Ms. Fonda, Capitol Police takes this issue very seriously, as do I and many of my pro-life Republican colleagues," the congresswoman explained during an interview with Fox News’s Jesse Watters. "So I’m sure they will be investigating and she will be having to answer for her comments."

She said the death threat was posted as a comment on social media attached to a video of Fonda's statement.

Luna charged, "The individual that made this comment actually posted it under her video of the View, saying that the only good conservative and Trump supporter was a dead one. It’s especially alarming that Republican female members especially, as a whole, seem to be more targeted because a lot of these predators look at us like victims. So, it’s a very dangerous thing for her to have done, and we will be holding her accountable as she should be."

Fonda, under online pressure, claimed it was "obvious" that she made the comment "in jest."

She said, in a statement to the Examiner, "My body language and tone made it clear to those in the room – and to anyone watching – that I was using hyperbole to make a point."

Fonda's comments on the show, included, "Well, I've thought of murder," when she was asked about what could be done in addition to marching and protesting to help the abortion industry in America.

She was asked to repeat it, and she said, "Murder."

Behar immediately claimed, "She's just kidding."

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

Police in the United Kingdom, who has been at the forefront of the global LGBT movement to make criminals out of anyone who disagrees with the ideology, are being told to back off.

A report from the Christian Institute has explained that new instructions are being developed by the government that explains everyone should be able to engage in "lawful debate" on issues like same-sex marriage and biological sex.

No "police interference" is needed there.

The institute reports, "In a new code of practice on non-crime hate incidents (NCHI) laid before Parliament … the government made clear that causing offense is not enough to warrant the police including someone’s personal details in an NCHI."

The new code, as proposed, notes any censorship or "interference with a person’s 'right to freedom of expression needs to be 'proportionate and necessary.'"

The move follows a Court of Appeal decision in 2021 that backed Harry Miller. He had been logged into government records because someone complained that a social media statement he posted was "transphobic."

But the ruling from the court was that those measures unlawfully interfered with free speech.

The new code, still a draft, supports "College of Policing measures introduced after Miller’s court victory, and confirms 'strongly held views' do not, by themselves, 'amount to a criminal offense.'"

Now the plan is to have a person's "personal data" recorded by police only if the situation "presents a real risk of significant harm to individuals or groups," or, in essence, a threat.

The institute reported Home Secretary Suella Braverman explained the work of police officers never must include "politically correct distractions."

"People are perfectly entitled to say things about politics, gender, and religion that others find offensive. Disagreement is not incitement, and nor is irreverence or mockery," she explained.

Also, Stephen Watson, the chief constable for Greater Manchester Police, explained, "It is not automatically unlawful to say or do things which can be unpleasant, hurtful, distasteful or offensive."

The controversy has been surging since 2005 when Joe and Helen Roberts were grilled by police for an hour because they complained to their local government about its promotions of "gay rights."

Police then accused a couple of a "hate crime."

It took legal action on the behalf of the couple for the police and government officials to apologize to them.

According to a report in the Express, Braverman is pushing for new rules that set as a priority for police paying attention to "serious offenses," not "social media."

She said, "It is only common sense that their focus must remain on catching dangerous criminals and bringing them to justice, not getting embroiled in a political debate where no laws are being broken."

When Miller's case was being fought in the courts, High Court Justice Julian Knowles "found the police probe was unlawful, adding Britain had never been 'an Orwellian society' with a Stasi or Gestapo,'" the report said.

The new priorities are part of an overall plan to pursue "common sense policing," officials reported.

The Express pointed out, "Earlier this month, prosecutors told the Home Affairs select committee that police only spend the equivalent of one day a week fighting crime and the rest of their time goes on safeguarding, crime prevention, and other work.

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

President Trump has promised in a campaign speech that if elected in 2024, he'll eliminate the U.S. Department of Education as part of his plan to "obliterate" the Deep State.

That's one of the federal bureaucracies that isn't outlined in the Constitution, and which didn't exist for many decades in the United States.

There previously have been efforts to kill the agency and give its responsibilities back to local communities and their school boards, along with state agencies.

Just the News reported Trump spoke in Davenport, Iowa, about education issues.

He said during his first term, from 2016 to 2020, that issue was, in fact, considered.

"We studied it very closely and I was getting ready to do it, pull the trigger," he explained. "The long-term goal, but now it's a short-term goal, of breaking up the federal Department of Education and redistributing its functions to the states."

Just hours earlier, Florida Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis spoke in the state. He has not officially announced his candidacy.

The Gateway Pundit also documented that Trump's plans include a strategy to "totally obliterate" the Deep State.

That would be the bureaucrats and federal officials in Washington who are entrenched in their positions, who are not elected, and who have gained power over the years.

"I will totally obliterate the DEEP STATE," he warned.

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

Librarians across America almost uniformly had been rejecting Christian actor Kirk Cameron's request to hold a story hour for children.

He wanted to use his new children's book and noted that many of the libraries already had been promoting such story times with drag queens and offensive books.

WND reported when library officials started caving and began allowing him the same access to public facilities that other groups had had.

Now, according to a report from Fox News, there are some librarians who still apparently are fighting that battle.

That's evident from comments from "Duck Dynasty" star Missy Robertson, who described the "pushback" she, Cameron, and women's sports advocate Riley Gaines experienced at a public library in Hendersonville, Tennessee.

They were planning a story hour for children there and arrived to make some marketing videos.

Fox reported, "On the 'Unashamed' podcast with Phil and Jase Robertson, Missy said library staff was disruptive as she and Cameron attempted to film marketing videos for their books before the Feb. 25 event. She described how staff members made loud noises and played music from behind the front desk after they had asked for about a minute of quiet to record their videos."

Robertson said, "[The lady at the front desk of the library] said, 'We're just trying to look for things to deal with our stress.' Stre— ... what stress? ... We're just standing there with a camera doing a marketing video. That's when I turned my phone on. I started recording. I was like, 'This is blatant and ridiculous.'"

Cameron now is on a national tour reading his book, "As You Grow," to children in libraries, whose officials had been rejecting the book that shares biblical wisdom.

Robertson has authored "Because You're My Family," a children's book, and lives in the Hendersonville area and was invited to join Cameron, as was Gaines.

The report explained Cameron's publisher, Brave Books, documented that library staff members wanted to cancel the event entirely but gave in when they faced a Cameron-supporting board of directors and the public.

An official with the publisher said the library staff "treated us terribly, unfortunately."

Robertson also reported "hundreds" of people with children were lined up outside to attend, and the library staff required them to stay there, in the rain in February, rather than allow them to wait inside.

"They were super rude to their entire community that lived there in Hendersonville, Tennessee, because that is a public library and they could have invited all those people who were standing in the rain to come and form lines inside the library, down the aisles, sit on the ground," she explained, "They wouldn't let them in. They made them stand outside in the freezing cold with their children in the rain. Total rudeness to me."

Fox reported library officials didn't respond to a request for comment, but Hendersonville Mayor Jamie Clary told Fox News Digital that library employees are county employees.

Before his current tour, Cameron reported dozens of libraries, many already promoting those "drag queen" storytimes, had refused him permission to read to children.

He said his campaign turned a corner when libraries in Indianapolis and near New York decided to let him take part in the reading programs.

The "Growing Pains" star's book, he explains, is "biblical wisdom through the seasons of life."

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