2 suspicious packages found – addressed to Joe Biden

On Thursday, two more suspicious packages were discovered, similar to the pipe bombs mailed to George Soros, Hillary Clinton, and other prominent Democrats earlier this week.

Both packages were found in Delaware postal facilities and both were addressed to former Vice President Joe Biden.

The Discovery

The packages were very cleverly sent through two different postal facilities.

Luckily, workers at both facilities were aware of the threat and immediately spotted the suspicious packages.

One was found in New Castle and the second was found in Wilmington.

During the early morning hours in New Castle, as packages were being sorted, someone spotted the suspicious package.

A supervisor ordered the building evacuated and all vehicles moved away from the facility.

Roughly two hours later, a similar scene played out in Wilmington.

A supervisor spotted a package with something inside “shaped like a flashlight.”

Again, employees were ordered to leave the building and authorities were called.

Both packages were very similar in nature and representative of the other bomb packages that had been sent during the week.

They were both manila envelopes with the bombs wrapped in bubble wrap.

On the outside of the envelope, there were six stamps and a return addressee of Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

Schultz is the former DNC chair, but is not believed to be involved in this plot in any way.


56-year-old Cesar Sayoc was arrested in connection with the mail bombs on Friday morning in Plantation, Florida.

The media has speculated the bomber is targeting Trump’s so-called enemies.

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Authorities say some of the mailed bombs were incapable of exploding due to flaws. Whether those flaws were intentional or not is unclear.

In all, just over a dozen packages were sent out to high-profile Democrats.

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