2 officers, 1 civilian shot… at least one officer confirmed dead in Dallas shooting

Yet another tragic shooting involving law enforcement has occurred in Dallas.

A day after two on-duty officers and one civilian were shot at a Lake Highlands Home Depot shooting, one of the officers was pronounced dead.

The Shooting

Early Tuesday, the call went out for assistance after an off-duty officer called for help to arrest a suspect for property theft at the Home Depot.

Two officers immediately responded.

When the officers appeared, Juarez suddenly produced a hand gun and started firing.

Both responding officers were hit, as was a civilian working at the store.

On Wednesday, officer Rogelio Santander, 27, was pronounced dead.

Officer Santander is the first office to be killed in the line of duty in Dallas since the tragic 2016 shooting.

As you may recall, that incident was the ambush in downtown that resulted in the murder of five police officers.

The second officer wounded in the shooting has been identified as Crystal Almeda.

She and Santander graduated together from the DPD training academy.

The Suspect

Thankfully, a suspect has been apprehended.

After police released a “person of interest” alert on social media, tips came pouring in on Armanda Juarez.

After leading police on a wild chase, he was finally apprehended.

During the chase, though, Juarez unloaded several shots at the pursuing officers.

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Juarez has been charged with aggravated assault of a public servant, aggravated assault in retaliation, property theft, and capital murder.

He is currently being held on a $1 million bond.

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