22 killed after typhoon hits east coast of China

The east coast of China was right in the path of Typhoon Lekima and more than a dozen people lost their lives in its wake.

Even though the typhoon had been downgraded slightly prior to making landfall, at least 22 people were killed and it is estimated that more than one million were forced from their homes.

Typhoon Lekima

The storm made landfall early Saturday morning on China’s east coast. By the time the storm landed, it boasted winds of more than 115 miles per hour.

It touched down in Wenling, which is between Shanghai and Taiwan.

In addition to the 22 reported deaths (there may be more), it is estimated that at least 200 homes were destroyed and at least 3,200 were damaged by the storm.

The pressure from the storm caused a local damn to break, with waters reaching an estimated 30 feet. Roughly 235,000 people were evacuated from Shanghai, with more than one million displaced countrywide.

Travel Canceled

For the time being, most flights and rail service has been canceled in the area.

Additionally, Disneyland in Shanghai was shut down.

Rescue workers continue their efforts to rescue stranded motorists and residents.

This incident will no doubt fuel talks of global warming during the presidential election here in the states.

As the Trump administration and many conservatives push back against the notion of global warming, liberals point to events such this as proof of the reckoning that is coming if something is not done to help curb CO2 emissions.

We can all expect AOC and Al Gore to be all over the media in the coming days to push this agenda and challenge Trump on his continued push for fossil fuels as well as his effort to deregulate the energy sector.

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