1619 Project inventor demands $40,000 for short speech

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

The former New York Times writer who created the 1619 Project, the claim that America actually was founded to protect slavery, has demanded and gotten $40,000 for a short speech.

The Daily Ware reported that the payment left a library that paid it thousands of dollars over budget.

The report explained the Daily Wire obtained materials that revealed Nikole Hannah-Jones gave a 45-minute talk at Washington-Liberty High School in Arlington, Virginia, only a short drive from Howard University where she now teaches.

“Including travel time, that fee amounts to approximately $10,000 an hour,” the report said.

Further, the event was a chance for Hannah-Jones to hawk her book.

“While held at a public high school, the talk was a program of the Arlington Public Library, and the cost was so enormous that it spurred tension between the library and the Friends of Arlington Library, a nonprofit that raises money to fund library activities including author events,” the report said.

That’s because a library official confirmed its speakers’ fund was $7,500 over budget, and a second official called the situation troubling.

That official, Diane Kresh, said, “The bottom line is there is a difference of $7,500 over and above the ‘approved’ budget, money which is due now to meet Fall contractual obligations. I am certain all of you can appreciate we cannot jeopardize either the County or the Library’s financial standing if bills are not paid.”

The report noted Claire Christian, the president of a library-supporting group, noted, “Not necessarily thrilled about the overage,” and she later cited reporting by local publications and the “negative” comments from local community members.

“Criticism of Hannah-Jones is primarily because she is not a historian and leading historians have rejected her factual premise that the U.S. was founded to preserve slavery,” the Daily Wire noted. “Hannah-Jones’ work has been based on the argument that blacks are oppressed, as demonstrated in part by wealth inequality, even as she has effortlessly been showered with wealth and accolades from elite institutions.”

At Just the News, a report explained Hannah-Jones’ agenda “first appeared in the New York Times Magazine in August of 2019, intended to commemorate the 400th anniversary of the arrival of the first African slaves in what was then the English colony of Virginia.”

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