Trump economy adds 160,000+ jobs during July

Once again, the Trump administration has come through with a massive amount of job creation.

During the month of July, the Labor Department announced that more than 160,000 jobs were created — a historic win for the Trump economy and marking a new consecutive expansion record. 

July by the Numbers

For President Donald Trump, the July numbers could not have been much better. The national unemployment number remained at 3.7 percent.

Unemployment among virtually every minority sector is at or near an all-time low. Roughly 164,000 new jobs were added.

Labor force participation is at 63 percent. Wages were reportedly up 3.2 percent for the period.

Creating an Environment

When it comes to jobs, most people misconstrue the actual job of the president. Our government does not actually create jobs, it creates the environment for job growth.

That environment was created when Trump passed the tax cuts Democrats hate so much. Because these corporations have more money, they are reinvesting and expanding.

Additionally, some major companies are bringing operations back to the states as well as new companies opening up operations here.

This environment has created an onslaught of jobs that this country has not seen in quite some time. While anti-Trumpers tried to downplay the news, Republicans were having none of it.

VP Mike Pence led the way, calling the report “great news.”

GOP Chair Ronna McDaniel called the report “proof of our strong economy.” Rep. Mike Johnson noted we are now at a 52-year low for unemployment.

Dems can say what they want, but the numbers don’t lie and they prove Trump’s tax cuts worked!

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