14 Russian sailors die in Russian submarine fire

A massive tragedy happened on the high seas on Tuesday.

A Russian research submarine caught fire, according to a new report from Fox News, killing 14 of the Russian sailors on board.

Tragedy at Sea

The vessel was a deep-sea submarine on a research mission. According to the Russian Defense Ministry, the crew was measuring sea depths in Russian waters.

While there is still little information available, we do know that 14 members of the crew died. We still, however, do not know how many other members were either injured or escaped unscathed.

Vladimir Putin had been scheduled to make a separate appearance on Tuesday. When word of the tragedy spread, however, Putin canceled the appointment.

Putin then reportedly met with his Defense Ministry for an update on the situation.

The Losharik

The vessel, dubbed the Losharik, is named after a cartoon character popular during the old Soviet era. It has only been in service since 2010.

It is currently the most advanced submarine in the Russian fleet. A past research project was rumored to have been associated with the Russian effort to claim a major portion of the Arctic seabed as its own territory.

The vessel had reportedly submerged to depths over 8,200 feet, which is more than four times the capabilities of the average submarine.

Russian officials believe this particular submarine can go as deep as 19,685 feet, but the vessel has yet to attempt such depths.

This is the first major tragedy for a Russian submarine in almost two decades. In 2000, a Russian submarine exploded, killing 118 men.

That tragedy was used as an incentive to increase funding to a Russian military that at the time was said to have been massively underfunded.

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