123 House Republicans Sponsor The CENSURE of Adam Schiff

Adam Schiff is finally getting what he deserves.

Schiff is that infamous Democrat Congressman who was caught colluding directly with the Ukraine whistleblower days before an actual complaint was filed – against protocol.

Also, after the complaint was finally released regarding Trump’s phone call with Ukraine, Schiff claimed to have a transcript of the call – and proceeded to read FAKE quotes that were not in Trump’s phone call before Congress.

Now Schiff is finally paying for it. More than 120 House Republicans have co-sponsored a resolution censure Schiff for his actions.

Fox News reports:

“A motion to censure House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff, D-Calif., for his ‘parody’ reading of President Trump’s July phone call with Ukrainian leader Volodymyr Zelensky during a hearing last month is gaining steam with House Republicans, as Fox News has learned 125 lawmakers have now signed on as co-sponsors.”

Schiff definitely deserves this. The entire Ukraine whistleblower complaint was nothing but a sham. And Schiff was responsible for making it seem bigger than it really was.

Even President Trump commented that he believed Schiff is the one who originally wrote the written complaint:

“I’d say he probably helped write it. … That’s a big story. He knew long before, and he helped write it too. It’s a scam.”

Although it’s not possible to prove that Schiff wrote the complaint yet, we DO know for a fact that he wrongly fabricated quotes out of Trump’s phone call to slander him before Congress. And such actions should be punished!

It’s time for Schiff to get what he deserves. Dishonest people like him have no business leading this country. Period.

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