Iranian group offers $100,000 to blow up U.S. embassy in Jerusalem

America once again finds itself under attack by Iranians.

An organization with Iranian ties has offered $100,000 to anyone that blows up the U.S. embassy in Jerusalem.

The Bounty

The Student Justice Movement is a hardline Iranian organization.

The group strongly opposes the placement of the U.S. embassy in Jerusalem.

As you may recall, the move by Trump to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel was met with outrage by both Palestine and Iran.

In an effort to oppose the Trump administration’s position, the group has put a bounty on the embassy.

A Way of Life

This type of response is part of the Iranian culture.

When they don’t agree with someone or someone else’s way of life, they try to kill it.

We have seen this with how they treat homosexuals as well as those with other religious beliefs.

Innocent people are merely collateral damage as far as these hardliners are concerned.

Former Pentagon adviser Michael Rubin stated, “Unfortunately, terrorism directed towards diplomats and embassies has become a central pillar of the Islamic Republic’s culture.”

“Terrorism is lionized in Iranian schools. This bounty is more the rule than the exception’” he added.

Never Peace

This is the reason why Trump wants better vetting and why peace in the Middle East may never become a reality.

There is no dialogue, there is simply terror.

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Behman Ben Taleblu, who is a research fellow at the Foundation for Defense Democracies, was repulsed by the bounty.

He stated that current Iranian leadership is responsible for such a heinous offer because they embrace the concept of using terror to solve differences.

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